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The President of the Basque Government (Lehendakari) has given his assurance that the Basque Country aspires to be an “increasingly leading international player”

2023 July 11
  • Iñigo Urkullu has received the students and managers of the Courses of International Law and International Relations of Vitoria-Gasteiz


The Lehendakari has championed the Basque Country, which continues to have “an outstanding place in the world”, and maintains “what makes us unique”. Iñigo Urkullu this afternoon received the students who are participating in the International Law and International Relations Courses of Vitoria-Gasteiz, who attended the Lehendakaritza event together with those responsible for them.

Before this forum, the Lehendakari assured that the Basque Country aspires to be increasingly a protagonist at the international level; maintaining, yes, principles and values inherent to our country: the culture of effort, training, our traditions, Basque, community solidarity, continuous improvement, entrepreneurship and openness to the world.

As examples, he referred to scientific excellence as one of the signs of Basque identity and mentioned the latest RIS 2023 Report of the European Commission, which places the Basque Country among the European regions classified as “Highly Innovative” and maintains its place as a “Hub of Excellence”.  “This means that we invest strongly in this very important matter and the results of these policies are recognised by Europe,” he said.

At another point in his speech, Iñigo Urkullu referred to the Atlantic Macroregion — which has driven the Basque Country since the presidency of the Atlantic Arc Commission — as another “Country Objective” that challenges both public institutions and socio-economic agents, and called on the territories of the Atlantic front and the European institutions to join this project.

Inclusive, sustainable and smart growth

He also referred to the Basque model of Sustainable Human Development that “promotes inclusive, sustainable and smart growth” and whose public management is aligned with the United Nations 2030 Agenda and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in five areas of action: People, Prosperity, Planet, Peace and Partnership.

Finally, the Lehendakari referred to the Basque self-government, and more specifically, to its model of future that is passing — as he stated — through a new political and legal framework of respect for basic consensus and legality.

“Today, we are living through a new time in the Basque Country and we have the opportunity to light up a new future.  It is up to us to implement and apply ourselves together.

It is also up to the State to adequately read this new time, assume the diversity and the differentiated majority social wills and propose a new State model that recognises its own plurinational reality,” he concluded.

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  • 2023 July 11

    Por qué se utiliza la bandera automática sin la de España si la Constitución Española obliga a la presencia de la nacional?

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