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The Basque Country reaches 46 donors/PMP

2012 January 4

9 out of every 10 families regard donation positively

The annual rate has stood at 40 for more than 10 years.

It is 25% up on the rate for Spain as a whole (35-36) which is the highest in the world.

The report sets out the 2011 donation and transplant figures for the Basque Country.

Organ Transplants

The donation rate achieved means that the likelihood of our patients receiving a transplant is highly satisfactory and stands at 123 kidney transplants (5% from live donors), 61 live transplants, 9 heart transplants and 10 lung transplants, which is clearly above the rate obtained in other European countries or the US.

This achievement is really down to the professionals (health and non-health workers) involved in the donation-transplant processes in the different authorised Centres (practically all of the public and private Centres of our Autonomous Community) for this type of activity.

Other entities and institutions facilitate the donation-transplant process in all its aspects: the judiciary, forensic doctors, the court officials, airport staff, SOS-DEIAK (Basque Emergency Service), Ertzaintza (Basque Police Force), etc. The patients' associations and the media play an important awareness-raising role among the general public.

The generosity of the vast majority of Basque citizens is the other fundamental factor to ensure the success of these programmes. These results would not have been possible without their sense of solidarity when responding positively to an opportunity to donate.

Our thanks must therefore go to the professionals for their efforts, all the people involved in facilitating the donation process and, above all, our gratitude to the donors and their relatives for their generosity.


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