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SPRILUR offers over 40 hectares of industrial areas in the Basque Country on its website

2012 January 2

61% of the total infrastructures available are in Gipuzkoa, while Bizkaia accounts for 24% and Álava 14% of the total

The new online platform provides real data on location, availability and surface areas, as well as on modular pavilions, plots of previously developed land, offices and commercial premises.

SPRILUR, the industrial land management division of the SPRI Group (the public company answering to the Department for Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism), now has its broad and varied range of available infrastructures online. The new website,, offers over 40 hectares of industrial areas in the three provinces of the Basque Country, which are broken down into types of space: previously developed land, modular pavilions and offices. 61.45% of the surface area of the available industrial infrastructures is in Gipuzkoa, while Álava accounts for 14% and Bizkaia for the remaining 24.42%.

As far as type is concerned, the available plots of previously developed land total nearly 200,000 m² in Gipuzkoa, which is higher than in Álava and Bizkaia, with just over 30,200 and 54,500 m², in either case. The surface area of the modular pavilions comes to 107,579 m², which is a similar figure for the spaces available in Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa (roughly 42,000 m²), while it is around 23,000 m² in Álava. With regard to office space, 22,681 m² are available, with Gipuzkoa having twice as much available space than Álava and Bizkaia.

The importance and need to promote available space to encourage companies to set up in the nearly 50 business parks is the priority target of SPRILUR and Sociedades Industrialdeak, in order to foster growth and the business occupancy rates of their industrial areas.

The new online platform providing all this information has boosted the search for available space, which is just one click away on the website. The published contents include real data on location, availability and surface areas, as well as on modular pavilions, plots of urban land, offices and commercial premises. There is an advanced search engine to look for the available space and it lists all the options available according to the municipality, district and province, and the user can also search by product and size of surface area.

The Sociedades Industrialdeak, in which the Basque Government holds a majority stake, through SPRILUR, also enhance the available information on their infrastructures depending on the district where they operate.

The website has been developed using free software. This contents manager is widely extended and provides optimum management and development flexibility and user-friendliness, by making it easier to update the data and cut management costs. Developed in a 2.0 web environment, it complies with the accessibility standard to be used by any segment of interest of the population and it also includes modules to view googlesite-googlemap and real simulation plans of each business park.

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