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850 Basque companies have initiated or improved their internationalisation thanks to Industry

2011 December 26

850 Basque companies have initiated or improved their internationalisation thanks to Industry

This represents an increase of 27% in comparison with the 2008-2009 period. The International Department of the business development agency SPRI has provided support to business projects beyond our borders with a range of programmes and activities. ‘Invest in the Basque Country', an office for attracting investments, and Intergune, are two of the Basque Government's ‘star products'. Brazil, China, Poland, Russia, India, the USA and Mexico continue to attract the attention of Basque businesspeople.

850 Basque companies have initiated or improved their internationalisation projects over the past two years with the support of the Department for Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism through the SPRI (the Competitive Transformation Company). This number indicates a 27% increase (183 more companies) in comparison with the two preceding years (2008-09).

This year the SPRI's Internationalisation management has equalled the 2010 figures for support to Basque companies, with approximately 425 for each period, pending the data for December. The SPRI's internationalisation endeavours for the year can be summarised in 29 forum conferences and meetings on internationalisation, 352 companies taking part in the Intergune Forum, consolidation of the Invest in the Basque Country office for attracting investments and participation in four institutional trips to the Arab Emirates, Russia and Germany.

The Department's direct cooperation with 850 Basque companies in 2010-2011, via the SPRI, involved market analyses and commercial introduction services representing 42% of the projects; establishing travel agendas (27.5%), and many other services, including commercial and/or productive implementation, searches for suppliers and temporary locations at specific destinations.

By geographical areas, 47% were projects located in European countries, 17% in Latin America, 15% in Asia, 12% in Africa and the Middle East and 9% in the NAFTA area. By countries, the highest number of projects (37) was carried out in Brazil, 31 in China, 30 in Poland, 24 in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, 22 in Mexico, 16 in India, and 14 projects each in Russia and the Arab Emirates.

This year, apart from the projects as such and before closing the annual balance, the SPRI has attended to 1604 consultations and services related to specific aspects of internationalisation (e.g. information on markets, contacts and formalities before government agencies in foreign countries), a number similar to the figure for the previous year.

In addition, 29 different internationalisation-related events were organised in 2011 (forum conferences, meetings and seminars) and attended by 2076 professionals from Basque companies in several different sectors. The events approached such topics as renewable energy in Turkey, business opportunities in Chile, business and investment opportunities in the Paris region, renewable energies in India, the aeronautical industry in Russia, the United Nations procurement system, and the Latin American development bank.

Intergune and Invest in the Basque Country

In addition to the above, the SPRI's Internationalisation management board boasts two ‘star' services: One is "Intergune", an annual forum on internationalisation that includes seminar-workshops, industry-related discussion panels, talks on countries and individual interviews between the companies attending the event and representatives from several countries belonging to the SPRI's international network. The other is Invest in the Basque Country, an office for attracting investments.

This year has seen the consolidation of the Invest in the Basque Country office which, as well as developing a dynamic economic policy for attracting foreign investments, is seeking to implement a policy of continuous attention to established foreign investment companies, known as "aftercare", which aims to promote their expansion and extension.

In fact, Invest in the Basque Country have already had their first practical outcome with the setting up of the Mexican company Cecype in the Miñano Technology Park. Cecype specialises in pre-clinical and clinical studies for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, which is already cooperating with centres belonging to the Basque Science and Technology Network, and plans to create 30 jobs in the next three years.

In all, 352 companies attended Intergune, 449 interviews were conducted with the foreign network (with the main attractions being Brazil, Russia, the USA and Mexico) and it is worthy of note that 53 participants attended the seminar on Basque companies in the German market, 44 attended the discussion panel on the internationalisation of consultancy and advanced services, and nearly 50 each attended the talks on Russia, India, Turkey and Morocco.

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