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The Lehendakari encourages business start-ups, generating activity and employment opportunities

2023 June 9
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  • Iñigo Urkullu closed the Annual Assembly of SEA-Empresarios Alaveses, where he called for a “real” commitment to young people

Iñigo Urkullu was in charge of closing the Annual Assembly of SEA-Empresarios Alaveses, at which the “Business Commitment” Award was presented to Josu Sánchez Álvarez, President of Elkargi. “Roberto Larrañaga last year and Josu Sánchez on this occasion, you symbolise that continuous commitment that has contributed to maintaining business activity and employment in the most difficult moments of the crisis we have suffered”, said Urkullu.

Referring to this entrepreneurial commitment, the Lehendakari stated that companies are the heritage of our society, which is why “the Basque Country needs women and men who give shape to their business ideas, generate activity and employment opportunities, people who start up small, medium-sized and large companies”. Thus, the Lehendakari encouraged anyone who is thinking of starting up a business to do so. “It is risky. We know that. The road will be complicated. We know that, too. But it will be worth it in the end. The institutions, of course, will be on your side. It is our commitment”, he pointed out.

In front of a large representation of businessmen from Alava, Iñigo Urkullu called for a “real” commitment to young people. “We have talent. They’re ready. It’s not a risky commitment. It is a guarantee of success. It is essential to create the necessary conditions for young people to be able to develop their personal and working lives in the Basque Country”, stressed the Lehendakari.

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