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Josu Erkoreka visits “PAvCon Europe 2023”, the most important police aviation congress in Europe to be held at the Ertzaintza’s base in Iurreta

2023 June 6
  • For two days, the Ertzaintza facilities will become a centre of international attraction for the cutting-edge aeronautical industry
  • The Iurreta base is the headquarters of the Ertzaintza Surveillance and Rescue Unit and, within it, of its aeronautical section, highly specialised and professionalised in the use of helicopters and unmanned aircraft for the prevention of public safety, public protection and the rescue of people in danger

The First Vice-Lehendakari and Minister for Security, Josu Erkoreka, accompanied by the Director and Chief of the Ertzaintza, Victoria Landa and Josu Bujanda, as well as other commanders, visited “PAvCon Europe 2023”, the main European event for the police aviation sector and its associated industry. It is also the second largest in the world, followed by the Airborne Public Safety Association (APSA) in the United States.

This international conference has been held since 2008 in different police centres, airfields and companies around the world. Previous editions have been held at the headquarters of the German and Dutch federal and national police, and at the multinational company Airbone Technologies, among others. This is the second time it has been held in the Basque Country. The previous one took place in 2011, also at the Ertzaintza facilities in Iurreta, and, among others, the then chief of pilots of the New York Police at the time of the 9/11 attacks took part.

The Ertzaintza has chosen the Iurreta base to hold this important international event due to the suitability of its facilities. It is the current headquarters of the Ertzaintza’s Surveillance and Rescue Unit and, within it, its aeronautical section is based here, highly specialised and professionalised in the use of helicopters and unmanned aircraft for public safety prevention, public protection and the rescue of people in distress.

For two days, Iurreta will become a centre of knowledge and international attraction for the most cutting-edge European aeronautical technology and industry. It will be possible to learn about the most impressive technological advances in relation to manned and unmanned aircraft, and the new ways of working will be on display at the various stands, presentations and round tables that will be held in the mornings and afternoons.

Representatives of the main police forces and companies in the sector will participate in “PAvCon Europe 2023”: French Gendarmerie, Irish Garda Siochana, Dutch, Belgian and Swedish National Police, Bavarian State Police, Norwegian Ministry of Defence, Mossos D'Esquadra, Navarre Regional Police, State Aviation Safety Agency (AESA), Airbus Helicopters, Flysight, Flighcell, Leonardo, Airborne Technologies, Skyops, LICO, etc. Leading Basque companies in the sector, such as SVP AEROSPACE, based in Durango, will also be taking part.

The aim is to promote mutual public-private collaboration and, above all, the exchange of experiences between the integral police forces that have aeronautical units specialised in public safety.

Yesterday, prior to the holding of this international congress, a training day was held exclusively for the personnel of the different police forces, with experts from all over the world.

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