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The Basque Country will showcase its logistics potential at the International Logistics Show in Barcelona, which it will attend as a guest autonomous community

2023 June 2
  • At the 25th edition of this major European professional forum, the Basque Government will highlight its extensive intermodal logistics infrastructures and the strategic importance of the Basque Country in a growing sector, in which the autonomous government is working to promote environmental sustainability, digitalisation and the training of new talent


The Basque Country will play a prominent role at the SIL 2023 International Logistics Exhibition, one of the main European showcases for the sector. In this 25th edition, the fair will take place between 7 and 9 June in Pavilion 8 of the Plaza España exhibition centre at the Fira de Barcelona, with the Basque Country as the guest autonomous community.

Both the Vice-Lehendakari and Minister of Labour and Employment, Idoia Mendia, and the Minister of Territorial Planning, Housing and Transport, Iñaki Arriola, and the Special State Delegate to the CZFB and President of SIL, Pere Navarro, have agreed that the fair will allow the Basque Country to showcase its key position as a strategic logistics hub of the European Atlantic Axis, a role recognised by the European Union itself for its importance in the Atlantic Corridor.

At SIL 2023, the Basque Country will showcase the capacity of its extensive logistics infrastructure network, which stands out for its intermodality and its ability to absorb both the needs of Basque companies and goods in transit from other places, through a public and private sector that is constantly working to innovate in the face of the challenges of globalisation.

Likewise, at this international logistics forum, it will explain its future plans to promote sustainable logistics from the Department of Transport of the Basque Government and will announce the steps that the Department of Labour and Employment is taking to train new talent in the professions linked to logistics, a sector that is undergoing a profound transformation.

Idoia Mendia stressed the importance of the Basque Country as “a strategic connection point from Europe to the west of the peninsula, where in addition to infrastructures, we have a plan to train people to meet the volume of employment that is expected to increase over the next decade in logistics tasks, both in transport and warehousing”. “Because the challenge for the future is not only to invest in technology, but also in people, and we have decided that the prospect of quality employment should form part of all public policies”, he added.

Iñaki Arriola also wanted to highlight that “the Basque Country is a strategic node in the Atlantic Corridor in terms of logistics, which connects the Iberian Peninsula with Europe and which is laying the foundations, through the railways, to promote sustainable logistics, an essential challenge for advanced societies, which SIL provides an opportunity for the different agents in the sector to discuss in depth”.

For his part, Pere Navarro stressed that “we are proud to have the presence of such an important logistics region at SIL. This gives a strong boost of quality and sectorial knowledge to the event which, together with the participation of other international congresses, makes it the largest meeting point in a single venue for major professionals with decision-making power from southern Europe, Latin America and the Mediterranean”.

    2023 June 3

    Prezipitazio zalantzagarriekin goazela, uraren logistikaren diseinu aldakor bat pentsa daiteke, kostu txikienarekin, eta horrek ez du ekarriko zorpetzea une batez baliabidea urritzea eta lorpen garestia ordaintzea, ekosistemaren balioa alde batera utzi gabe.

    2023 June 3

    Al paso que vamos precipitaciones inciertas, se puede llegar a pensar un diseño cambiante de la logística del agua con mínimo coste no suponga endeudamiento por momentos escasear el recurso y pagar caro obtención sin descuidar el valor del ecosistema.

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