The 2nd Wage Gap Congress will address the different reality of women in masculinised and feminised sectors in Bilbao

2023 May 19
  • The Department of Labour and Employment and the Organisation of Ibero-American States will bring together experts in public policies and actions in companies for the real equality of women and men

The 2nd International Wage Gap Congress will bring together experts in public policies and actions that companies are putting into practice to achieve real equality between women and men in the labour market on 14 June in Bilbao. The meeting will close with the shared experience of women workers in masculinised and feminised sectors, according to the programme drawn up by the Basque Government’s Department of Labour and Employment and the Organisation of Ibero-American States.

After holding the first Congress of this kind last year, which has been added to the various conferences and awareness-raising campaigns to combat the wage gap, this new Congress represents the consolidation of this event with which “to contribute to closing this black hole in order to move towards a more equal Basque Country”, according to the Vice-Lehendakari Idoia Mendia on the website presenting the event.

On this occasion, the Department has invited the Organisation of Ibero-American States for Education, Science and Culture (OEI), the largest multilateral cooperation organisation in Ibero-America in the field of education, science, technology and culture in the context of integral development, made up of 23 Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries, to co-sponsor this event. Since 2022, the OEI has a new mission axis, the Human Rights, Democracy and Equality Programme, aligned with the Sustainable Development Agenda, with a multidimensional and holistic approach to promote democratic institutions, solid and coherent with the commitments and processes that guarantee human rights, and to consolidate a responsible and democratic citizenship. For the OEI, equality and, in particular, gender equality and women’s empowerment is a critical and cross-cutting issue in its internal and external work.

From a holistic approach, this 2nd Congress will address the aspiration for women’s full citizenship. To this end, based on the three-dimensional theory of the 3Rs proposed by Nancy Fraser, feminist philosopher, this 2nd Congress will address the three principles necessary to achieve justice and gender equality: recognition, redistribution and representation of men and women in parity.

The session will feature personalities of recognised prestige in the academic, business and trade union spheres, and will close with a roundtable discussion with women workers in precarious and masculinised sectors, in a programme that can be accessed, along with the rest of the information, on the congress website: www.congresobrechasalarial.eus


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