Minister Mrs. Nerea Melgosa proposes a commitment to "train and sensitize adults and recognize the signs of child abuse"

2023 May 5


  • Closing ceremony, in Vitoria-Gasteiz, of the IV Justice and Childhood Forum, organized by the Basque Association for Aid to Abused Children
  • The Minister considers it necessary to "empower our boys and girls, so that they know that they have rights and that they know who to turn to if they feel in danger"


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The Minister of Equality, Justice and Social Policies of the Basque Government, Mrs. Nerea Melgosa, has proposed a commitment from the whole of society to "train and sensitize adults, to understand and recognize the signs of child abuse and empower our boys and girls , so they know they have rights and who to turn to if they feel in danger.”


Melgosa has closed, in Vitoria-Gasteiz, the IV Justice and Childhood Forum, organized by the Basque Association for Aid to Abused Children. Sailburu considers it “essential that, as a society, we adopt an attitude of zero tolerance towards child abuse. It is important to protect our children from pain and suffering and to ensure that they have access to equal opportunities to grow and thrive in a safe and healthy environment.”


During the event, held at Montehermoso Palace, Melgosa indicated “childhood is a key period of life and should be a stage of discoveries, learning and joy. Unfortunately, however, not all of our boys and girls have the opportunity to experience this season to its fullest. Child abuse is a grim reality, a stain on our society that we are all called to eradicate.


“In the Basque Country we have been pioneers in the approval of the "Basque Strategy against Violence against Children and Adolescents. We promote a firm and determined commitment to eradicate any form of violence against our boys and girls. We want to make the Basque Country a place safe and conducive for all children to grow, learn and thrive” she added.

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    2023 May 8

    Dendaren batean ikusi nuen, eta txikiago batzuk behar izan nituen, antza, hazpegiak. Jakinaren gainean jarri behar izan nuen.

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    2023 May 8

    Llegué a ver en algún comercio y mendicidad atender menores al parecer rasgos, tuve que poner en conocimiento.

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Politicians attending the event
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  • Tomás Aller, Gasteiz, Kristina Jausoro, Irene Miravalles, María Muñiz, Ana Murcia, Sonja Ulhmann