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The School for Equality begins tomorrow in the euskal etxeak of the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK

2023 May 5

The "School for Equality - Euskal Etxeak” initiative for the Basque clubs of the anglosaxon world starts tomorrow. A project of the Office for the Basque Community Abroad with the support of the Delegation of the Basque Country in the United States. They organize the 3rd edition of the course "Equality as a quality element in the management of the euskal etxeak" which will be held in English via Zoom, on May 6 and 13. On this occasion, the course will be aimed at the euskal etxeak in the USA, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom and will be focusing specifically on the management and direction spaces within the same.

The objective of the activity is to create a space for knowledge, reflection and exchange of experiences on the importance that the incorporation of the gender perspective has in the management and direction processes of the euskal etxeak.

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