More than 150 people participate in the information sessions of the Basque Government for SMEs and municipalities on European MRR funds

2023 April 28

The Department of Economy and Finance, through the Deputy Ministry of Economy and European Funds, has highlighted today in Barakaldo, in a meeting for Txorierri, Inguraldea, Meatzaldea, Ezkerraldea, Mungialdea and Enkarterri, the historic opportunity that opens this year for SMEs and municipalities on European funds.

The message was also shared yesterday in Laudio, within the framework of the calendar of meetings that are being held in the regions of the three historical territories to offer information on Next Generation MRR European funds. This initiative began last Wednesday, in Durangaldea-Lea Artibai and will end at the beginning of May in Gipuzkoa

The sessions were attended by more than a hundred people in an open format to facilitate participation.

Facing challenges of ecological, digital and social transitions, the Deputy Minister of Economy and European Funds, Iñaki Barredo, the Head of Cabinet and Coordination, Yurdana Burgoa, and the Director of Cohesion Policy and European Funds, Juan Alberdi, stressed that the collection of European funds will allow progress towards “a new economic and social model, more humane and respectful of the environment; based on sustainable progress, innovation and equality”.

These sessions have detailed the two ways in which funds arrive in the Basque Country. On the one hand, through transfers to the Basque Government. “With these amounts we develop tenders for works and services, grants for all types of agents and transfers to Provincial Councils and City Councils, which in turn are responsible for implementing initiatives and projects,” it has been reported. And on the other hand, through direct concessions, agreements and State subsidies.

The aim of this is to bring large companies, SMEs, professionals and self-employed people closer to information about European funds and facilitate access to them so that they can take advantage of them for the financing of their projects. An initiative that seeks to land this European aid in the productive fabric of the Basque Country and promote the economic transformation contemplated in the essence of the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism (RRM).

These briefings will end next week in Gipuzkoa, with two meetings planned in the regions of Oarsoaldea (3 May) and Goieki, Uggasa and Tolosaldea (5 May).

  • Photo Ana Sonia
    2023 April 29

    La jornada fue promovida también por la comarca de Txorierri, a través de Egaz Txorierri, su Agencia de Promoción Económica y Empleo , acercandola a todas las empresas de Derio, Larrabetzu, Lezama, Loiu, Sondika y Zamudio. Agradeceríamos corrigiesen la noticia por favor. Eskerrik asko.
    Agradecer además la oportunidad de acercar a las empresas de Txorierri la información de los Fondos Next Generación a las empresas de Txorierri, desde Egaz Txorierri seguimos trabajando por que las oportunidades se conviertan en proyectos y en realidades.

  • Photo Ana Sonia
    2023 April 29

    La convocatoria también era dirigida para la comarca de Txorierri, al ser promovida por Egaz Txorierri, la Agencia de Promoción Económica y Empleo de la comarca acercandola a todas las empresas de los municipios de Dero, Larrabetzu, Lezama, Loiu, Sondika y Zamudio. Agradeceríamos corrigiesen la noticia. Por lo demás, felicitar a los/ aa ponentes por su exposición que resultó muy interesante

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