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An improvement project of patient care of Osakidetza, highlighted as an influential European initiative by the prestigious VBHC Prize2023

2023 April 22
  • The aim of the project, led by Biosistemak,is to implement the Value-Based Medicine model in patients with breast cancer and lung cancer
  • The VOICE project is led from the Basque Country and involves ten European hospitals


The VOICE patient care improvement project, which is being developed in Europe under the coordination of Osakidetza and the leadership of the Biosistemak Institute (formerly Kronikgune), has been included in the list of influential initiatives by the VBHC Prize 2023, a recognition granted by the prestigious international organization Value BasedHealthcare Center Europe. 

This distinction highlights those European initiatives that seek to transform and redefine healthcare and to deploy the model known as Value-Based Medicine, whose purpose is to place the patient at the centre of a care process that, based on scientific evidence, clinical results and life expectancies themselves, empowers patients to make shared decisions.

The Health Department and Osakidetza has been developing different strategic lines of action aimed precisely at improving the efficiency of the system and its quality, relying on the data on results they collect.  

Particularly, the work of the European VOICE community led by the Basque Country has the participation of ten European hospitals (among them, France, Italy, Portugal and Belgium, in addition to the Spanish State).

Its aim is to implement in the usual healthcare practice that model of Value Based Medicine in patients with breast cancer and lung cancer with the aim of improving health care and care of this group of patients.

The knowledge generated by this project will also serve to provide the scientific community and future health managers with solid evidence for optimal planning.

Value-based medicine: the patient at the centre of the system

The organisation Value-Based HealthcareCenter Europe (VBHCE) is one of the pioneering centres in Europe to disseminate the Value Based Medicine model. This model is a paradigm and way of taking care of people that is being extended and implemented in different European health systems. Value-based medicine aims to put the patient at the centre of the system, to improve their care and to take into account relevant health outcomes for patients. 

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