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40 Basque quality food and beverage companies to exhibit their latest products at the Gourmets 2023 show

2023 April 17
  • This 36th edition of the Salón Gourmets is set to break its own record for participation, with the presence of 2,000 exhibiting quality food and beverage companies.
  • The Basque Txokoa space is back, within the Euskadi Basque Country stand, where Basque companies will carry out different actions to promote their products.
  • The Euskadi Basque Country stand has organised a tasting of Basque wines, led by Mikel Garaizabal, and a workshop on the presentation of prepared fish products, led by Martxel Arozena.

From today until Thursday 20 April, the 36th edition of the Salón Gourmets is being held in Madrid, which this year is set to break a record figure in its history with the participation of almost 2,000 exhibitors and the forecast of receiving more than 100,000 visitors. 

The presence of the Basque food and beverage industry is also increasing at this edition, with a total of 40 companies and wineries from the Basque Country exhibiting their products, thus recovering the participation figures prior to the pandemic. 

29 of these companies are exhibiting their products together at the Euskadi Basque Country stand, which is organised by the Basque Government's Department of Economic Development, Sustainability and the Environment, through HAZI. This participation is part of the internationalisation and development strategy for the Basque agri-food industry set out in the 2023 Promotion Plan.

Tomorrow, Tuesday 18 April, the Basque Government's Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Policy, Bittor Oroz, and the Director of Food Quality and Industries, Raul Pérez Iratxeta, will visit the Basque companies taking part in Salón Gourmets as a sign of institutional support for the development of the competitiveness of the Basque Country’s agri-food industry.

Basque Txokoa, the txoko for tasting Basque gastronomy

After last year’s good reception, the Euskadi Basque Country stand will once again feature Basque Txokoa, a space for the development and promotion of Basque gastronomy linked to one of its most identifiable elements, the “txoko”. 

During the celebration of the Salón Gourmets, Basque Txokoa will host two promotional actions aimed at influencers and specialised press:

On Tuesday, 18 April, at 12 pm, a Basque wine tasting will be held by the specialist in wine making and disseminator, Mikel Garaizabal, who will present and taste the beverages under this brand.

And on Wednesday, 19 April, at 12 pm, several gastronomic workshops will be held, led by the Gastronomy project manager, Martxel Arozena, with the aim of promoting products made from fish.

In addition, during the four days of the fair, the companies participating in the Euskadi Basque Country stand will be carrying out different activities to promote their products in the Basque Txokoa space.

Showcase of high-end trends

Salón Gourmets is the leading trade fair for quality food and beverages in Europe and one of the most prestigious in the world, where high-end trends are presented and where national and international professionals from the gastronomic sector meet: restaurants, hotel and catering, distribution, catering and specialised trade.

Salón Gourmets is aimed at distribution professionals (importers/exporters, large supermarkets, e-commerce, retail, food chains and specialists in the HORECA channel), hospitality professionals and specialists in the quality food segment.

Companies at the Euskadi Basque Country stand

These are the 29 food companies and wineries from the Basque Country exhibiting at the Euskadi Basque Country stand at this year’s Salón Gourmets:


  1. Conservas Campos - Salica
  2. Gelati!! Gelati!!
  3. Corpachef
  4. Conservas Ortiz S.A.
  5. Paturpat
  6. Ameztoi
  7. Alakrana de Echebastar
  8. Pates Zubia
  9. Hamburguesas Andres Eizaguirre
  10. Casa Brigitte
  11. Sal de Añana
  12. Hamburguesas Eizaguirre
  13. Rafa Gorrotxategi
  14. Luis Thate
  15. Conservas Olasagasti
  16. Bodegas Lar de Paula / Heredad de Baroja
  17. Bacalaos Alkorta
  18. Conservas Serrats
  19. Bacalaos Ederpesca
  20. Luberri Monje Amestoy
  21. Conservas Zallo
  22. Itsasoko
  23. La Gilda del Norte
  24. Eusko Label Gaztak - Quesos Eusko Label
  25. Conservas Cusumano
  26. Licores y Vermouth Barañano
  27. Hika Bodega
  28. Gildas Albizabal
  29. Bodegas Amador Garcia
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