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In the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR) the Basque Government has proposed the extension of the Atlantic Rail Corridor to take in the port connections of Bilbao and Pasaia, maritime routes and logistic platforms

2011 December 14

The Conference is composed of European regions and annexes.

It seeks increased financing for peripheral maritime regions.

The Basque Government's Ministry of Transport has participated in the commission of the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions today in Brussels in order to reach consensus on the joint position of this body before the EU in relation to the development of trans-European transport networks and, in particular, the execution of the priority corridors, which include the Atlantic Corridor, taking in the Basque Country.

The Basque Country, as the coordinator of the Atlantic Europe transport group, has expressed its satisfaction as a result of the inclusion of the Atlantic Corridor within the priority transport networks and has vindicated the need for the CPMR regions to be afforded increased financing to developing port rail corridors, given their peripheral nature in relation to the centre of Europe. This does not merely entail support for the decision made by the European Commission to add the Lisbon-Strasbourg axis, which takes in the Basque Country, but rather involves vindicating, from this base, greater effort to introduce multi-modal corridors and ensure a satisfactory conclusion to the project.

As explained on other occasions by various representatives of the Basque executive, one of the main objectives, in order to maximise transport efficiency, is grounded on the search for multi-modality. In this sense, the need to promote connections between ports and rail lines and between rail lines and roads is vital, as the Basque Ministry explained when the Spanish Ministry for Development supported the implementation of the logistic platforms of Jundiz and Lezo-Gantxurizketa.

Finally, the commission expressed its interest in the proposal of the Basque Government to connect various corridors assigned as priority corridors, in particular, the connection of the Atlantic and Mediterranean Corridors via Navarre to provide a comprehensive link that enables the Basque Country and its companies to be connected with the Mediterranean.


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