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The Government earmarks 57.8 million euros for the agreement of the cleaning service in public centres dependent on the Department of Education

2023 March 28


  • Equality, Justice and Social Policies to contribute 2 million euros to the public defender’s office for crimes of violence against women, domestic violence and sexual freedom 

The spokesperson of the Basque Government and Minister for Culture and Language Policy, Bingen Zupiria, has appeared at the usual press conference after the Governing Council.

In the field of education, the spokesperson announced that the Government has approved an expenditure of almost 58 million euros for the contracting of cleaning services for public centres dependent on the Department of Education, a service that is essential for the educational centres to meet the necessary hygienic-sanitary conditions and to be able to carry out their activities normally.

Bingen Zupiria also informed that, at today’s meeting, the Government has approved the earmarking of two million euros for the provision of free legal aid for victims of crimes of violence against women, domestic violence and crimes against sexual freedom, within the framework of the usual collaboration with the Basque Country Bar Association, a contribution that will serve to offset the cost of prior advice and legal assistance provided by the three Basque Bar Associations on the violence duty rota. 


As usual, the spokesperson, Bingen Zupiria, provided information on other issues discussed in the Governing Council, including the following:

With regard to the Lehendakaritza, the spokesman first announced that this afternoon the Governing Council of Berpiztu, the Plan for Economic Recovery and the Generation of Employment Opportunities, is meeting, chaired by the Lehendakari. The Governing Council approved the Berpiztu Programme on 3 November 2020 with a commitment to make a total investment of 13.25 billion euros by 2024, and by the end of the current financial year 2023, the accumulated investment will be 11.94 billion euros, i.e. 90% of the total investment committed. Zupiria pointed out that this afternoon’s meeting will be used to give details of the results of this programme. 

Likewise, at its meeting today, the Governing Council approved the  amendment to the Decree that establishes the organic and functional structure of the Lehendakaritza, as well as the appointments of the senior officials who have been affected by the new names. The new decree includes the following amendments: the Secretariat and Institutional Relations Directorate is renamed the Cabinet Directorate; the General Secretariat of the Presidency is renamed the General Secretariat for Coordination and Social Communication; the Communication Directorate is renamed the Social Communication Directorate; the General Secretariat for External Action is renamed the General Secretariat for European Union and External Action; the External Relations Directorate is renamed the External Action Directorate; and the European Affairs Directorate is renamed the Directorate for European Union Affairs. In addition, the Directorate of the Cabinet of Studies is abolished and its functions are assigned to the General Secretariat for Coordination and Social Communication.

On the one hand, the Governing Council has approved the agreement by which the Partial Retirement Plan linked to a relief contract for permanent staff in certain sectorial areas of the Basque Public Administration until 31 December 2023 is put into effect. According to Minister Zupiria, the agreement will allow a substantial improvement in the end of the working life of the staff and will favour the simultaneous creation of new jobs, with the aim of facilitating an adequate generational handover. 

On the other hand, the spokesperson informed that the Government has decided to back the bill put forward by EAJ/PNV, PSE-EE and Elkarrekin Podemos-IU to amend Law 14/2022 on the Basque Income Guarantee System so that the amounts received by RGI recipients are automatically updated in the first quarter. “The Government has stated that it is in favour of taking this proposal into consideration as it understands that it provides greater legal certainty to the Law and offers better protection to the holders and beneficiaries of the RGI,” he added.

Furthermore, at its meeting today, the Governing Council expressed its unfavourable opinion on the bill put forward by the EH Bildu parliamentary group to return undeveloped land for development to its previous status (undevelopable land). 

Today, the Governing Council also approved aid to support entrepreneurship and improve the competitiveness of tourism companies, which has doubled its budget from its previous call to almost 1,300,000 euros today, with the aim of strengthening and promoting entrepreneurship and competitiveness in tourism. The aid aims to support the creation of new tourism businesses in the Basque Country that favour local development, improve competitiveness through technological innovation, optimising the tourism offer, and adapting it towards safe, sustainable, responsible and accessible tourism.

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