Basque Country takes part in the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions in Sweden to discuss the future of EU cohesion policy

2023 March 21

The Deputy Minister for the Economy and European Funds, Iñaki Barredo, will speak this Thursday in Sweden at the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR) –of which the Basque Country forms part– where the future of cohesion policy within the framework of the European Union will be discussed. In this context, the Basque Country will focus on rethinking the contents of cohesion policy, within the framework of the triple transition in which Europe is immersed: digital, environmental and social. Barredo will also raise the possibility of creating areas of convergence between the various existing European funding mechanisms and will mention the urgent need to reduce bureaucracy.

The CPMR acts as a think tank, bringing together more than 160 regions from 24 EU and non-EU states, representing nearly 200 million people. One of its objectives is to advocate for a more balanced development of the European territory. In this 2022-2024 period, the Lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, is chairing the CPMR Atlantic Arc Commission.

Following the various discussions planned for the two working days in Linkoping (22-23 March), a series of final proposals will be prepared and agreed. Vice-Minister Barredo will take part in the roundtable discussion on the role that structural reforms and payment by results can play in Cohesion Policy beyond 2027.

Since its creation in 1973, the CPMR has focused its action on ensuring that the needs and interests of its member regions are taken into account in policies with a high territorial impact. It focuses mainly on social, economic and territorial cohesion, maritime policies and accessibility. European governance, energy and climate change are also important areas of its activity.

On this trip, Deputy Minister Iñaki Barredo is accompanied by the Director of Economy and Planning, Alberto Ansuategi.

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