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The Lehendakari assures that the keys to success are a diversified industry, an exemplary ecological transition and the creation and attraction of talent

2023 March 13
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  • Iñigo Urkullu opened a conference organised by Europa Press in Bilbao to analyse the future of the Basque Country 

Having a diversified and competitive industrial fabric, making an exemplary ecological transition and generating and attracting talent are, in the Lehendakari's opinion, “the keys” to successfully facing the challenges of the future. Iñigo Urkullu was in charge of opening a conference organised by Europa Press of the Basque Country in Bilbao to analyse the future of the Basque Country. The conference was also attended by the minister Arantxa Tapia and the minister Pedro Azpiazu.

Iñigo Urkullu expressed his gratitude for holding debate forums such as the one organised by the Europa Press agency because they allow knowledge, experiences and proposals to be shared that “we will be able to incorporate into our policies”. 

He indicated that the growth and competitiveness of the Basque productive fabric will come about through collaboration and, as an example, he mentioned the cluster policy –a pioneer in Europe– which the Basque Country set in motion 30 years ago. 

On energy transition, another of the keys to success mentioned in his speech, the Lehendakari considered it “essential” to develop our own energy model based on energy efficiency and the generation of green energy “and to put it into practice as quickly as possible”. On this point, he referred to the BASQUE GREEN DEAL, the Basque social agreement for the climate, which is aligned with the guidelines and priorities of the European Union. 

As for the third key, Iñigo Urkullu advocated continuing to offer the necessary conditions to train, maintain and attract talent to the Basque Country and referred to Ikerbasque, Dual Training, the “University plus Business” Strategy and the IKUR strategy, as tools at the service of this objective.

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