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Araba's first Ekiola to produce renewable energy in May

2023 March 6
  • During his visit to the construction site, the Lehendakari assured that there is no alternative to efficiency or own energy generation.  “We have no Plan B,” he said
  • The Maeztu photovoltaic solar station already has 25% of the structures installed and a third of the solar modules assembled
  • The average investment for each cooperative house will be less than 1,500 euros

This morning the Lehendakari, accompanied by the Minister Arantxa Tapia, visited the construction site of Ekiola Mendialdea (Araba) —the first in the Basque Country— located in the municipality of Maeztu. The visit was also attended by the Provincial Councillor of Araba Ramiro González, the Mayor of Arraia-Maeztu Anartz Gorrotxategi and the President of the Mondragón Corporation Iñigo Ucín. The Ekiola initiative aims to create energy communities so that it is the citizens themselves who generate 100% of the electricity they need to cover their needs. 

After the visit, the Lehendakari considered it “essential” to change energy consumption habits and make an “unequivocal commitment” to energy efficiency and the generation of clean and renewable energy, “because there is no alternative. We have no Plan B,” he assured. 

Referring to the Ekiola initiative, Iñigo Urkullu pointed out that it is a challenge that calls on society as a whole. Our response,” he said, “demands cooperation and joining forces. In short, it is about involvement and assuming responsibilities” 

The station 

The Mendialdea photovoltaic solar station already has 25% of the structures installed and a third of the solar modules mounted and is expected to produce renewable energy in May.  The facility occupies a plot on the Tellazar industrial estate. It will have a capacity of 1.5 MWp and will be able to admit around 700 members as cooperative owners. 

The Ekiola Mendialdea project will receive 969,193 euros from the European NEXT Generation funds for the construction of its solar energy “factory”. Thanks to this, the average investment for each home that becomes a co-operative member to generate its own renewable, zero kilometre energy for 100% of its consumption will be less than 1,500 euros. 

In addition to families in the Cuadrilla de Montaña Alavesa, the Araba Provincial Council intends to extend the project to small traders, the self-employed and operations in the primary sector, which have electricity consumption and needs similar to those of households. 

About Ekiola 

Ekiola is a cooperative model in which the residents themselves are the owners of the generation and management of solar energy for their own supply. In addition, the cooperative itself functions as a legal instrument for dealing with the energy future in accordance with its own approach, and its members do not have to change any aspect of their domestic electrical installation. 

The solar station installation has a 25-year guarantee of operation and performance, so that the energy will have a fixed price during this period of less than €50/MWh. 

The Ekiolas currently constituted are Ekiola Aiara, Añana, Arabako Errioxa, Arabako Lautada, Gorbeialdea, Medialdea and Landa-eremuko Gasteiz in Araba, Ekiola Lea-Artibai and Usansolo-Galdakao in Bizkaia, Ekiola Donostia, Lentz Bailara, Urretxu, Azpeitia (Ekindar), Zumaia (Egutera) and Ekiol Elgoibar-Mendaro.

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