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The Lehendakari announces that the 8th World Congress of the Basque Community Abroad will be held in December

2023 February 20
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  • Its slogan will be ERALDAROA, a play on words that combines the symbiosis between the coming transformations and “the times we are living in”
  • Iñigo Urkullu chaired the meeting of the Basque Collectivities Advisory Council at midday this afternoon

The Lehendakari has announced that the 8th World Congress of Basque Communities Abroad will be held this year. The event will take place in December in Gipuzkoa, under the slogan ERALDAROA, a play on words in Basque that combines the symbiosis between the transformations that are coming and the times we are living in,” he said.

He made the announcement during the meeting of the Basque Communities Advisory Council held this lunchtime in Lehendakaritza, the third meeting held by this body in this legislature marked by the pandemic, “which has not yet ended”, as well as by Russia’s unilateral invasion of Ukraine, for which he congratulated the Basque community for its efforts and “voluntary and generous work” in recent years, which have been so complicated. “These global events are making their mark and have upset the agendas of the entire planet, and the Basque community abroad is no stranger to this reality,” he said.

Iñigo Urkullu assured that the government is preparing the next world meeting with “great enthusiasm” and encouraged all the people and institutions involved to make their contributions “to be able to make progress and offer new or different policies for attending to Basque communities living abroad”.



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