The Basque agri-food industry exhibits its products at SIRHA, one of the international benchmarks for the restaurant and hotel industry

2023 January 19
  • From today until 23 January, companies will be promoting their products at this important international showcase, a benchmark in the world of gastronomy and hotel and catering held in Lyon, France.
  • Basque companies participate as a group at the stand under the Euskadi Basque Country

The Basque Government, together with HAZI is organising for the sixth time the group participation of Basque companies at the trade fair SIRHA in Lyon; this is a benchmark fair in the world of the hotel and catering industry and is reserved for professionals from various sectors, such as: food and beverages, pastry and bakery, confectionery, materials and equipment for the hotel and catering industry, technologies and services.

This year, the Basque Country has a space of more than 108 m2 located in the International Pavilion, where the 7 participating companies can be found:

- La Cocina de Senen, with croquettes and vegetable slices.

- Yurrita Gastronomika, with canned seafood.

- Conservas Ortiz, with canned fish.

- Rafa Gorrotxategi, with almond shingles, cigarettes, gorrotxas, nougats, chocolates, truffles, bonbons and cocoa.

- Salanort, with octopus, cuttlefish, anchovy and tuna.

- Salica, with canned fish.

- Chips Sarriegui, with french fries.

In addition to the aforementioned brands, there will also be more companies from the Basque Country participating in other areas of the fair, namely: Salva, Fagor industrial, Sammic, Cookplay, Lakor, Industrias Betik and Txogitxu.

SIRHA is the first event in the calendar of fairs that the Basque Government’s Department of Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment, through the collaboration of the HAZI Foundation, is offering Basque agri-food companies to participate in groups in order to boost the presence of Basque food products in markets where promotional activities have already been carried out in recent years, and to support internationalisation in new markets for companies. This will not be the only action to boost the competitiveness of the Basque food industry and the Basque Country’s agri-food and fishery products, as in 2023 the Basque Country is expected to participate in the following fairs: Barcelona Wine Week, Prowein Dusserdolf, Gourmets Madrid, Seafood Barcelona, Fenavin Ciudad Real, Conxemar Vigo and Anuga Cologne.

SIRHA is an important trade fair for the Basque industry because France, as well as being the leading export market for Basque agri-food products, is an important gateway to other European countries.

The consumption of canned and prepared foodstuffs in France is higher than its domestic production, which is why imports of this type of product are growing steadily. Canned fish is well positioned with a high level of consumption. The ready meals sector is a gourmet niche market due to its quality and price, and confectionery and sweets are products in demand in France.

Over the course of its 21 editions, SIRHA has established itself as a unique trade fair for the gastronomy and hospitality sector, and has become a major food event for professionals from all over the world. More than 2,000 exhibitors and brands are taking part in this 2023 edition and 150,000 people are expected to attend.

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