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The European Commission recognises Itelazpi’s work as “a success story” in environmental management

2023 January 13
  • The EU body highlights the efforts and contribution of the Basque Government’s public company in the ‘green’ management of its 200 radio broadcasting centres
  • Itelazpi’s work focuses on the provision of radio and television signal-carrying services


The European Commission has recognised Itelazpi’s work in environmental matters, describing it as “a success story”. The EU institution has included an extensive review of the Basque public company on its official website, highlighting Itelazpi’s efforts and contribution to the management of the network of more than 200 telecommunications centres.

The EU body has rated very positively the work and commitment to continuous improvement demonstrated by Itelazpi from the point of view of environmental management, verified by means of audits. Matxalen Lauzirika, the company’s general manager, has positively assessed Itelazpi’s commitment to respect for the environment in the development of its activity: “To this end, we have made a significant effort to implement energy efficiency technologies, alternative consumption, environmental impact studies, birdlife protection actions and green purchasing.” Lauzirika also stresses that Itelazpi has been certified in EMAS (environmental management tool stemming from the voluntary regulations of the European Union) for more than ten years.

Based in Zamudio, Itelazpi is the public company attached to the Directorate for Information and Communication Technologies of the Basque Government’s Department of Public Governance and Self-Government that manages the public telecommunications infrastructure network. Thanks to this entity, society receives services through radio broadcasting centres.  Its work focuses on the provision of services carrying radio and television signals and public communications services.

Most of them are located in the natural environment, meaning that Itelazpi has focused part of its efforts on reducing the impact of these infrastructures as much as possible and integrating them into the natural environment in which they are located. All of this with the aim of achieving a more sustainable grid, seeking to reduce dependence on fossil fuels in order to incorporate alternative sources of energy generation.

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