Arantxa Tapia: “If there is a willingness to negotiate, an agreement on the Energy Transition and Climate Change Law can be reached”

2023 January 16
  • The PTS includes 78 sites and we would like projects to be implemented in all of them, but always analysing the possibilities of environmental and energy generation Progress must be made if we want to reduce energy dependence
  • The warm temperatures and the policies implemented have influenced the reduction of energy prices
  • In February we will present the 2023 aid plan for companies and we already have some programmes underway

Minister Arantxa Tapia was interviewed this morning on Euskadi Irratia. She made the following key statements:

“Negotiations on the proposed Energy Transition and Climate Change Law have not yet begun. There have only been talks. We need to delve deeper into the proposals. In my opinion, if there is a will, there will be room for agreement.”

 “The warm temperatures we have had in Europe and the policies that have been implemented have influenced the lowering of energy prices. The temperatures have not been the usual and our companies have needed less energy. At the same time, specific policies were put in place and that has helped. Demand may still go up and that would imply an increase in prices. We have been saying that other pricing policies have to be put in place, and the state agreed. Europe couldn't see it, but this different form of pricing should be permanent. And permits to place renewables need to be fast-tracked.”

“I would like to see wind installations at all the points proposed in the Plan. The proposal will be analysed locally, but with all the guarantees, these installations must be put in place if we want to reduce our current dependency.”

“European funds are not coming. There are difficulties. Public issues are being implemented, but help for SMEs is not forthcoming. There are management difficulties. SMEs in the productive fabric are not receiving them. Some investments have been delayed as a result. For our part, in February we will present in our subsidy plan for SMEs.”

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