The Minister Javier Hurtado stresses the importance of the European Funds that have already reached the Basque Country and analyses the new Decree on Active Tourism at the Tourism Roundtable

2022 December 21
  • The Basque Country has received a total of 60 million euros in the two calls for proposals for Sustainable Tourism City Plans, which were analysed today at the Tourism Board

The Minister for Tourism, Trade and Consumer Affairs, Javier Hurtado, today chaired the Tourism Roundtable, which addressed issues related to the tourism sector, Next Generation funds and the regulatory situation. Other members of the Department, the Director of Tourism and Hospitality, Goyo Zurro, the Deputy Minister of Tourism and Trade, Jesús García de Cos and the Director of Basquetour, Daniel Solana, as well as representatives of the Provincial Councils, the City Councils of the Basque capitals and Eudel, the Chambers of Commerce, the university and tourism schools, accommodation and event organisation companies, travel agencies and tourist guides, active tourism companies, hotel and catering associations, consumer associations and trade unions were also present at the roundtable.

Tourism Sustainability Plans at the destination

The Tourism Board has evaluated the Tourism Sustainability Plans at the destination, endowed with Next Generation funds, which consist of 3 calls and whose second call was formalised a few days ago. This second Territorial Tourism Sustainability Plan, with a budget of 33.9 million euros, is made up of the 10 Destination Tourism Sustainability Plans, to which 26.3 million euros will be allocated, and the two projects that form part of the National Tourism Plan for Enogastronomy, with a budget of 7.6 million euros; the highest of all the Autonomous Communities.

The Minister of Tourism, Trade and Consumer Affairs, Javier Hurtado, has thanked the effort and coordinated work of the destinations because thanks to this: “The Basque Country is set to receive a total of 33.9 million euros for this second call of the Plan, which has been worked on in collaboration with the Ministry and with the bodies involved, provincial councils, City Councils and districts. Its objective is ambitious because it aims to have a transformative effect on the modernisation of destinations, strengthening territorial cohesion and balanced tourism development with the unique feature of emphasising this year one of the Basque Country’s strengths in the field of tourism: our internationally recognised gastronomy.”

In addition, the first call for proposals under the Territorial Plan, which granted 24 million euros to the Basque Country for 11 projects that “are already being implemented”, was also assessed at the Tourism Roundtable. The Minister stressed the importance of these Plans that will “contribute significantly to making the Basque Country a more competitive, varied destination, with a greater offer of quality and sustainability, which is the line in which we have been working so far and which we will continue to promote.”

Draft Decree on Active Tourism

Another of the issues addressed at the Tourism Roundtable was the Decree on Active Tourism, which has already begun to be drafted. Active tourism is a cross-cutting segment of the tourism sector which encompasses different nature, sporting and cultural activities and which requires specific regulation based on the Tourism Law.

It will therefore be approached taking into account four major blocks such as information, legal security, safety in activities and professional qualifications. The aim is to establish agile and effective mechanisms to guarantee the greatest possible safety for those who carry out active tourism activities, as well as for the professionals and companies that provide them. It is currently in the process of public consultation, having been shared and analysed with representatives of the tourism sector.

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    2022 December 24

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    2022 December 24

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