The Basque Government exposes the management of Social Services in Basque Country (Euskadi) to the region of Santiago de Chile

2022 November 14
  • Meeting in Bilbao of delegations from both Governments led by Lide Amilibia and the Governor Claudio Orrego

Bilbao 2022 11 14

A delegation from the Department of Equality, Justice, and Social Policies of the Basque Government, chaired by the Deputy Minister Mrs. Lide Amilibia, held a meeting this morning in Bilbao with a Delegation from the Province of Santiago de Chile led by Mr. Claudio Orrego Larraín, Governor-elect of that Metropolitan Region for the period 2021-2024, to comment on various issues related to the management of Social Policies in the Basque Country.

In addition to Amilibia and Orrego, the director of Social Policies Marian Olabarrieta, the director of the Cabinet Noemí Ostolaza, and Rafael Hueso participated in the meeting: Fernando Court, Manuel Gallardo, Valeria Ponti participated on behalf of the Chilean region of Santiago. Camilo Antileo Espina, Claudia Hasbún and Claudina Nuñez.

Claudio Orrego Larraín is a lawyer from the Catholic University of Chile. He was a member of the Christian Democratic Party between 1989 and October 2022 and is currently an independent. In the year 2000 he was Deputy Minister of Housing and Assets during the administration of President Ricardo Lagos. In 2004 he was elected mayor of Peñalolen and re-elected in 2008, until 2012. He is one of the great promoters of the decentralization process of the Chilean regions through the creation of the position of regional governor elected by popular vote.

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Politicians attending the event
Other guests
  • Rafael Hueso, Claudio Orrego, Rafael Hueso: Por parte de la región chilena de Santiago han participado Fernando Court, Manuel Gallardo, Valeria Ponti. Camilo Antileo Espina, Claudia Hasbún, Claudina Nuñez