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The ERDF approves the CA-EFFIPLAT project for the promotion and development of the Atlantic Rail Corridor

2011 November 17

The project was presented by the Basque Government

The CA-EFFIPLAT project arises within the Framework of the third and final call for applications for the 2007-2013 INTERREG Atlantic Area program, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), to promote the interoperability and continuity of existing transport networks and the intermodality of maritime, rail, air and road-based transport.

The approval of the project, presented by the Basque Government, represents further strong support for the Atlantic Corridor as one of the 10 priority axis of trans-European transport networks that were designated on the 19th of October. The corridor that was strongly supported by the Basque Government. Furthermore, as a result of the approval, the EU will finance 65% of all activity aimed at the promotion of the Atlantic corridor.

CA-EFFIPLAT has a budget of 1.4 million euros and envisages the creation of a transnational network, headed by the Basque Government and involving 21 organisations, including Administrations charged with overseeing transport infrastructures, public and private rail operators, logistics and port operators and parties with interests in the improvement of rail and intermodal transport within the Atlantic goods corridor, in coordination with the ports and logistic platforms of the Atlantic Area.

More specifically, the objective of the project is to stimulate the development, planning and execution of the rail infrastructure for goods transportation, including the infrastructures required to connect with the ports. In parallel, it envisages the promotion of competitive and efficient intermodal transport services, in particular rail and maritime service that complement road-based transport.

Activities, set to commence in January 2012, include the analysis and appraisal of the current technical situation of the rail and port network of the Atlantic Rail Corridor; the identification of proposals for the improvement of the current situation and proposals for future planning instruments; and analysis of the corridor from the point of view of the intermodal services afforded in order to improve the optimisation of multimodal platforms, current intermodal services and to define new efficient and competitive intermodal services from the point of view of multimodal logistic platforms.

As a result of these actions, to be implemented simultaneously in Spain, France, Portugal, Ireland and the United Kingdom over the course of the 27 months during which the project will remain in force, a series of short, medium and long-term results are envisaged in terms of the creation, operation and development of the structure of the CA-EFFIPLAT network in order to articulate the logistic community of the Atlantic Area in such a manner that it is centred around the rail/port goods corridor.

The added value of interregional cooperation stems from the generation of synergies, on the one hand, between the agents within the logistics value chain, and on the other hand, between those charged with managing rail and maritime infrastructures and logistic hubs. In this manner, a global and comprehensive approach to the intermodal transport system in the Atlantic Area is combined with the necessary participation of public and private agents, representing the interests of the promoters, managers and providers of the services in question. In this sense, one of the aspects of the project that affords added value is the articulation of the Atlantic logistics community centred on the Atlantic rail project.

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