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Presentation of the Basque Country 2030 Science, Technology and Innovation Plan's Cross-cutting Advancement Initiative on Healthy Ageing

2022 October 18

Almost 100 people from different entities in the health, social and health care, scientific, technological, business and administration sectors took part today in the presentation of the Cross-cutting Advancement Initiative on Healthy Ageing at the Palacio de Europa in Vitoria-Gasteiz.

The main objective was to present this new initiative within the framework of the Science, Technology and Innovation Plan—PCTI 2030—, aimed at reinforcing cross-cutting collaboration between the different areas of smart specialisation, as well as promoting new collaborative R&D&I advancement projects in the field of healthy ageing.

Cristina Uriarte, the Commissioner for Science, Technology and Innovation of the Basque Government, presented the general concept and framework of the Cross-cutting Advancement Initiatives, stressing that they are an instrument that will contribute towards tackling, through research and innovation, some of the major challenges facing Basque society.

Marian Ibarrondo and Jose Antonio de la Rica, Director of Health Research and Innovation and Director of Social and Health Care, respectively, of the Basque Government Department of Health, then presented the scope of the Healthy Ageing initiative, emphasising the different challenges and objectives established for the coming years.

The first part of the day drew to a close with the presentation of the new aid programme that will support the design of future cross-cutting advancement projects, whose regulatory decree was approved on 11 October, and the contribution to the initiative from different areas of specialisation of the PCTI 2030.

The second part consisted of a participatory dynamic around different working tables. This exercise allowed participants to get to know each other and to begin to identify possible ideas for new driving force projects to which they could contribute from their respective organisations. The main conclusions of the roundtables were shared among all the participants, in order to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and the cross-fertilisation of ideas.

The day ended with the announcement by Commissioner Cristina Uriarte that the first call for the new aid programme will be approved at the end of this year, meaning that the design of the cross-cutting collaborative advancement research and development projects could begin around mid-2023.

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  • Photo Sorgin
    2022 October 19

    Estaría bien que una parte fuera a los geriátricos ya que cada vez hacen más falta y más personal en los que ya están...

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