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More than 30 international experts debate the influence of the geopolitical situation on industry and the energy sector

2011 November 10

The meeting, to be celebrated in the Bilbao Exhibition Centre in Barakaldo, will also serve to situate the commitment of the 2020 Basque Energy Strategy and the 2015 Science Technology and Innovation Plan

• Over the course of two days of conferences, organised by EVE [the Basque Energy Agency] and Orkestra, approximately thirty addresses will be given, divided into 8 monographic sessions.

• Amongst other experts, the event will include the participation of analysts from the Electric Research Institute, the International Energy Agency and the Chinese Wind Power Association.

• The measures for saving adopted by the Basque industry over the course of the last ten years have reduced energy consumption by 650,000 tpe (tonne of petroleum equivalent), the equivalent of the energy demand in Basque homes during an entire year.

Bernabé Unda, the Basque Government's Minister for Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism, Ignacio Mª Echeberria, President of Orkestra, the Basque Institute for Competitiveness, and the General Secretary for Innovation within the Ministry for Science and Innovation, Juan Tomás Hernani, inaugurated the international seminar in energy and industry this morning. Over the course of two days, more than 30 international experts, hailing from the United States and emerging countries such as China and India, will analyse the new geopolitical situation and its bearing on energy and industry.

The relationship between energy and industry will be analysed today and tomorrow in the international seminar organised jointly by the Basque Energy Agency and Orkestra, the Basque Agency for Competitiveness, entitled "Energy and Industry: Innovation and Technological Development in the New Energy Context", wherein the energy outlook and perspectives of powers such as the United States, emerging economies such as China and India, Europe and the countries of Northern Africa will be outlined.
The forum for debate will attempt to analyse the current situation of the industry by having the various geopolitical agents expound their perspective in relation to a determining factor within industrial activity: energy. The geopolitical stances of world powers, the situation of producing countries and new emerging economies with growing energy needs are modifying the energy panorama at global level, exercising considerable influence on the evolution of industry and the world economy.

Along with analysis of the geopolitical situation, the second day of the conferences will include sessions running in parallel in order to analyse technological advances in the exploitation of various renewable energy sources and the application of highly efficient technologies that offer the same services whilst reducing energy consumption. Furthermore, the third main topic of debate will focus on energy storage technologies, which are of vital importance to the consolidation of renewable energies, as storage allows energy availability to coincide with the periods of greatest demand.

In order to address all of these questions, the first day of the seminar includes the participation of international analysts who will afford different perspectives on the subject matter. Amongst the experts, attention should be drawn to Hank Courtright, Senior Vice President of the Electric Research Institute, Dan Dorner, senior analyst within the International Energy Agency, Qin Haiyan, General Secretary of the Chinese Wind Power Association and Sami Andoura, senior research fellow of Notre Europe.

On the second day, José Ignacio Hormaeche, General Director of the Basque Energy Agency, will present the Energibasque Strategy for technological and industrial development within the framework of the 3E 2020 strategy and the Basque Government's 2015 Science and Technology Plan. George H. Yates, President of Heyco Energy, a US company specialising in the exploitation of unconventional natural gas, will also intervene.

Approximately thirty international experts, reference points amongst speakers and moderators, will offer 28 addresses divided over 8 sessions.

The Basque Industrial Experience

In this context, the Basque Government will expound the Basque Country's energy strategy for 2020 and the 2015 Science, Technology and Innovation Plan, on which efforts will focus to ensure quality and profitable energy supply for Basque companies and industries whilst drawing in knowledge, added value and wealth via new technologies.

It should be pointed out that the Basque industry has taken great efforts to introduce highly efficient energies that enable higher levels of competitiveness and better energy exploitation. The introduction of efficient technologies such as cogeneration, the introduction of corrective measures in high-consumption production processes and the use of cleaner and more competitive energy sources such as natural gas have allowed the Basque industry to significantly improve its position in terms of energy consumption.

Indeed, over the course of the last 10 years, 70% of the energy savings achieved in the Basque Country were obtained as a result of the measures adopted by industry. In fact, the objectives established for the sector in the various energy strategies have been exceeded by 10%, which translates into savings of 650,000 tpe (tonne of petroleum equivalent) when compared with consumption for 2000. That is, energy comparable to the overall energy consumption of the Basque residential sector in 2010.

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