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El Gobierno Vasco y el Consejo Vasco de la Juventud de Euskadi inauguran en Bilbao la exposición itinerante sobre la Agenda 2030

2022 October 14

The Basque Government and the Basque Youth Council inaugurate the travelling exhibition on the 2030 Agenda in Bilbao.

  • This autumn it will pass through the three capitals of the Historical Territories and next year it will continue its itinerancy to other municipalities in the Basque Country.
  • A dialogue and participation programme designed by EGK will be organised in parallel in each town.
  • Jonan Fernandez stressed that the exhibition “opens a dialogue between young people, among young people, and between young people and society on the transformations that the world needs”.


On 29 June 2021, the Basque Government approved the Basque Agenda 2030 Priorities Programme. It represents the Legislature plan of the General Secretariat for Social Transition and Agenda 2030 in terms of promoting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Its four priorities include “Social dissemination and citizen involvement”, which expressly contemplates creating a space for collaboration with the Basque Youth Council (EGK), in terms of participation-implication.

Within this framework and for the last year, EGK, in collaboration with the General Secretariat for Social Transition and Agenda 2030 and the Youth Directorate of the Basque Government, has designed and promoted the travelling exhibition “Agenda 2030 Gazte Plazan”. This is an informative and participatory initiative. This autumn, there are plans for the project to pass through the capitals of the three Historical Territories. In 2024, it is expected that it will continue to travel to other towns in the Basque Country.

The opening ceremony of its first stop in Bilbao took place at midday today. In Bilbao, the exhibition will be open in Plaza Bizkaia from today, Friday 14 October, until  Sunday 23 October. Between 26 October and 6 November, the exhibition can be visited in Gasteiz. Finally, between 8 and 16 November it will be open in Donostia.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Secretary General for Social Transition and Agenda 2030, Jonan Fernandez; the President of the Basque Youth Council-EGK, Maialen Olabe; the Councillor for Equality, Cooperation, Coexistence and Festivities of the Bilbao City Council, Itziar Urtasun; and the Director of Youth, Miren Saratxaga.

The exhibition is built on the support of a tent measuring 10x10 metres. Its interior and exterior decoration offers information on the content of the 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals, both through explanatory panels and graphics and through projections and informative videos. The tent can be visited from 9.30 am to 7.30 pm.

In addition, in each city or town where this travelling exhibition is installed, a programme of dialogue and participation designed by the Basque Youth Council will be organised. In the mornings, the activities will be aimed at educational centres and in the afternoons, they will be aimed at the general public, with a special invitation addressed to young people. In addition, guided tours will be available at weekends.


Statements by Jonan Fernández

In the framework of this opening ceremony, the Secretary General of Social Transition and Agenda 2030 of the Basque Government, Jonan Fernandez, wanted to highlight three ideas. Firstly, he stressed that this initiative “is the result of intense collaboration between the Basque Youth Council and the Basque Government, in addition to the contribution of each of the local councils participating in it. This cooperation should be valued and appreciated”.

As for its political significance, he stressed that this is “a communication project aimed at society as a whole on the importance of the SDGs. The United Nations Agenda 2030 is a proposal for global transformation with 17 goals that can be summarised in two words: sustainability and solidarity”. Jonan Fernandez added that “in the current post-pandemic situation and impacted by the effects of the invasion of Ukraine, this perspective represents a necessity and an opportunity for the world and for the Basque Country”.

Finally, the Secretary General for Social Transition and Agenda 2030 highlighted the fact that this exhibition is a communication project for society with a main channel: the eyes and voice of young people. “This is a tent for getting to know the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs as told and reflected upon by young people. This exhibition opens a dialogue between young people, among young people, and between young people and society to reflect on the transformations that the world needs”.

Its programme of workshops and various activities is designed and oriented towards this objective: “opening a great conversation about the present and the future with youth as the protagonist”.

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Politicians attending the event
Other guests
  • Maialen Olabe (Presidenta del Consejo Vasco de la Juventud); Itziar Urtasun (Concejala del Área de Igualdad, Cooperación, Convivencia y Fiestas del Ayuntamiento de Bilbao)