Agurtzane Llano: "The group of 82 young co-operators from the Basque Country is already participating in its development projects in Africa and America"

2022 July 27
  • In Alto Trujillo, Peru, Nerea Vázquez carries out educational tasks together with the NGO Egoaizia
  • In Rwanda, Claudia Urbizu collaborates with Caritas
  • In Yungay, Peru, young people collaborate with SERSO San Viator, the NGO in an Education program
  • Patricia Escuté and Eva Muro develop in Guinea Conakry, with the Africanist Association, the "Yhangal Bantal Brouwal" project, or empowerment of women in the rural municipality of Brouwal
  • Monica Bahillo is in Intibucá, Honduras, preparing a strategy to carry it out in a maternity home”

 Vitoria-Gasteiz, 2022 07 27

 The Director of Youth of the Department of Equality, Justice and Social Policies of the Basque Government, Mrs. Agurtzane Llano, highlighted this morning "the progressive and positive integration of the group of 82 young collaborators in the 31 programs and objectives of the NGDOs in which they participate during this summer in various states of Africa and South America”.

 One of the aid workers, Nerea Vázquez, who collaborates with the NGO Egoaizea in Alto Trujillo, Peru, points out that she is “very happy; very comfortable Since I arrived I have felt super welcomed and they have made me part of a lot of activities and plans. The school I go to is a minute away from home. I live with five nuns and with Ainhoa, another aid worker”. These young women give reinforcement classes -every morning, except on Thursdays- to some primary school students. They have made groups of three, compensated, to reinforce reading and writing in children from first to fifth grade.

 “Thursdays are special. We recently called on all high school students to come to a choir that we wanted to create. So many people signed up that we had to make two groups. We have only had it a week and it looks great. In the afternoons, surely, I will start doing math reinforcement for secondary school, but it´s still "zehazteke" (original basque language expression) Nerea Vázquez details.

 In Yungay, Peru, Serso is the NGDO in charge of an Education program. In Africa, Claudia Urbizu collaborates with Caritas. Monica Bahillo and her partner María are in Intibucá, Honduras: “Great! They have welcomed us “super well” and we are very happy. Last week they presented us with the project and they explained to us what the municipality is like, they took us to see a community and we prepared a strategy to carry it out in a maternity home this week”.

 In Oaxaca, Mexico, Iñigo Manuel, from the NGO Ayuda en Acción, does office work, preparing the workshops and the material for when he later goes to the communities to carry out cooperative tasks. “Taking advantage of the fact that my two colleagues were going to the community last week to carry out their project, I accompanied them, even though I did not have a specific task. As a gift, I took the first contact with the communities learning to embroider with the women there. We are very integrated in Oaxaca. A co-worker sponsors us and teaches us, introducing us to his family and friends.... A gesture that is greatly appreciated”.

 The NGO Misiones Salesianas has Esther Fernández in Medellin who details, “Everything is going great. The people here are very friendly and hospitable and we are already working on the programs”.

 The Manuel Iradier Africanist Association designs the work of Patricia Escuté and Eva Muro who travelled to Guinea Conakry last Sunday, July 24, where the project in which they are going to live the volunteer experience is developed. The project called "Yhangal Bantal Brouwal", or promotion of harmonious development based on the empowerment of women in the rural municipality of Brouwal. It´s a project financed thanks to an agreement with the Territorial Council of Araba that began last year. Now being develops its second phase

  NGDO projects

 Selected from among 409 applicants, of the 82 young people (79.26% women (65) and 20.74% men (17), 17 of them come from Gipuzkoa (1 man and 16 women); from Bizkaia: 49 (9 men and 40 women) and from Araba-Álava 16 (6 men and 10 women).

 Their destinations are located in 31 social projects located in Peru, Honduras, Mexico, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Gabon, Guinea, Rwanda and Uganda. The chosen profiles are of all kinds: education, teaching, specialists in sports, health, agronomy, environmental sciences, music, social work, cooking, psychology, English and science teachers.

 Several months ago, the coordinating NGDOs explained to the group of young co-operators the tasks they now carry out in the countries of destination, commenting on various singularities and questions about cooperation for development, health advice for international travel or gender and development, among others.

 The NGOs that participate are Egoaizia Association for Development Cooperation, SERSO San Viator-Euskal Herria, “Juan Ciudad” NGO, Ayuda en Acción Foundation, Salesian Missions, Taupadak Elkartea Association, Medicus Mundi Bizkaia Elkartea Association, Edex - Community Resource Centre, Haurralde Fundazioa, World Rural Forum Development Association, Vedruna-Solive Solidarity Association, “Manuel Iradier” Africanist Association, ICLI Engineering for Cooperation and Saluganda Elkartea.

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  • 2022 July 29

    Mucho ánimo uniendo Comunidades en colaboración progreso y desarrollo con respeto a las distintas lenguas y constumbres bienvenidas.

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