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More than 500 people attend the presentation of Euskadi in New York

2011 October 21

This event was one of the various marketing and promotional activities undertaken by the Lehendakari in several U.S. cities. Euskadi has received more than 42,000 U.S. visitors so far this year, 21% more than in the first eight months of 2010

Some 500 personalities backed the Minister for Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism, Bernabe Unda, at the presentation of Basque tourist attractions in the city of skyscrapers. The purpose of the event, organised by the Basque Government, through Basquetour, the Basque Tourism Agency, was to display all the tourist attractions of Euskadi and further increase the number of tourists from the U.S. Up to August this year, a total of 42,366 American tourists visited Euskadi, compared to the 34,996 who came in the first eight months of 2010, an increase of 21%.

The event was held at Guastavino’s, a former market converted into a venue for hosting events, situated under the Queensboro Bridge. Teresa Barrenechea, founder of the first Basque restaurant in New York, Maritxu, and author of the bestselling book on Basque cuisine in the U.S., introduced the event, which also included the participation of Wynton Marsalis, chosen by the prestigious “Time” magazine among the 25 most influential people in the United States and one of the most important contemporary jazz musicians in the world. Wynton Marsalis is one of the international personalities who best knows Euskadi, and Vitoria-Gasteiz in particular, because he is a regular at the city’s jazz festivals, composer of the "Vitoria Suite", has received the city’s Gold Medal and is represented in a sculpture in the Basque capital.

Moreover, Basque fashion was also on display at this event, with twelve different outfits inspired by Basque landscapes and created by leading names in Basque fashion: Mercedes de Miguel, Ion Fiz, Modesto Lomba, Miriam Ocariz, Isabel Zapardíez Alicia Rueda, Miguel Palacio, Maria Clé, Lemoniez, Minimil, Ian Mosh and J + G.

This visit was undoubtedly an important business opportunity for our entrepreneurs and the aim was also to try and exceed the figure of 52,000 American tourists who arrived in 2010.
To wind up the event, a cocktail using Basque products was served, with the participation of Basque chefs Juan Mari Arzak and Andoni Luis Aduriz. 

80 New York tour operators

Before the presentation event, eleven entrepreneurs from the Basque tourism sector took part in a workshop with 80 New York tour operators and travel agents.   More specifically, with the support of the Spanish Tourist Office in New York, it was possible to arrange working appointments at the tourism workshop for a total of 11 representatives of Basque business and tourism sector associations and Convention Bureau to submit their proposals to American tour operators and specialized media.

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