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A trip to the heart of the Basque Country through its cuisine…in New York

2011 October 17

The finest products of Basque gastronomy are on display and may be sampled today in New York

The Lehendakari, Patxi López, and the Minister for the Environment, Territorial Planning, Agriculture and Fishing, Pilar Unzalu, inaugurated the show-room where a number of the finest products of Basque gastronomy may be sampled in the very heart of New York. Fish, cheese, Rioja Alavesa wine and txakoli number amongst the products that the Basque Country has brought to the U.S.A. to commence the conquest of one of the most extensive and varied markets in the world. As the Lehendakari explained, the East Coast of the United States is a market wherein Basques “have the capacity to be competitive and offer something new, of high quality”. “I hope that you enjoy this trip to the heart of the Basque Country through its cuisine and that, around the table, we strengthen relations between the Basque Country and America”, Mr López commented during the gastronomy day which also featured the participation of the region’s best chefs, Juan María Arzak and Martín Berasategi, who prepared a number of dishes. The Lehendakari drew attention to the fact that, for Basques “it is much more than food and drink: it is a way of life. It is in our DNA and we wish to share this with you, as is it the natural manner in which we bond and create long-lasting friendships”.

The objective of this show-room is to aid the companies in terms of exportation and the dissemination of the quality of Basque products, whereby the slogan is “quality food and drink, the commitment of the Basque Country”.

The gastronomy day was celebrated in Bar Basque, created by Terry Zarikian of the China Grill Management group, and as a unique feature, in addition to serving a large number of Basque dishes, it specialises in the cuisine of Biscay.

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Politicians attending the event
(IX term 2009 - 2012)
  • Pilar Unzalu
    Consejera de Medio Ambiente, Planificación Territorial, Agricultura y Pesca (IX term)
  • Patxi López
    President (IX term)