Agurtzane Llano: "The voice of Basque Youth is heard more, strongly and with reason"

2022 May 9
  • The Youth Director of the Basque Government participates in the meeting “Make your voice heard! #EuropeanYearOfYouth”, in the Bilborock Space in Bilbao
  • Europe Day: She transfers her “support and affection to the Ukrainian youth and society that suffer the inhumane and heinous attack by President Putin's armed forces”

Bilbao, 2022 05 09

The Director of Youth of the Department of Equality, Justice and Social Policies of the Basque Government, Mrs. Agurtzane Llano, considers that “the voice of Basque Youth is heard, more strongly and with reason; here in the Basque Country and in Brussels, together with the rest of European youth”.

 "The current new young generations are very prepared, full of talent and highly motivated and are the protagonists, in these times of covid and economic uncertainty, making enormous sacrifices to preserve the safety of others and advance their training," Llano highlighted before a group of young people gathered on Europe Day.

 Agurtzane Llano has participated this afternoon in the meeting “Make your voice heard! #EuropeanYearOfYouth” developed in the Bilborock room in Bilbao, organized by ththe Bilbao City Council, Euskadi Europe Team and Ararteko. The councillor Itxaso Erroteta, the deputy to the Ararteko Inés Ibáñez de Maeztu, the ambassador for the European Climate Pact Marie Gehrig, Mikel Marlaska and Andrea Esteve also took part.

 According to Agurtzane Llano, “the President of the European Commission, Úrsula Von der Leyen, insists that we must ensure that we do not create a lack of response and that we maintain listening attitudes. Europe needs all its youth. For this reason, in the Basque Country, we have the role of Youth in all management areas of the Basque Government”.


The director of Youth has listed some of the initiatives promoted by the Basque Government related to youth: “we have just approved and promoted a new Youth Law; we launch new Youth Strategies. In our autonomic semester before the Council of the EU, we have paid special attention to the spaces shared between youth and the elderly. We promote social policies in which youth always reflected it´s necessary for young women to participate, to hear and to dedicate a positive equality policy to them. We promote youth debates especially related to climate and environment. We promote solutions to the need for emancipation. We also increased actions in the NAEN Euroregion and in our Pyrenean regional area related to youth. Today, on Europe Day, we have discussed actions and initiatives on climate and environment”.

 The Director of Youth explained that her Department multiplies the dissemination of studies and surveys of the Basque Youth Observatory. “We take into account the recommendations of the Youth groups, such as that of the Pyrenees Work Community with its declaration “Heading to 2030 in terms of the Environment; 1 degree less in the Pyrenees. We also work, from other Departments, on solutions to achieve affordable housing for youth”.


Agurtzane Llano has conveyed her “support and affection to the entire Ukrainian youth and society that are suffering from the inhumane and heinous attack by President Putin's armed forces”. “Probably, in Kyiv, in Kherson, in Odessa or in Mariupol they will not have had time to remember that today is May 9. Neither have the young people who have lost their lives these years in the covid pandemic, nor the migrant youth drowned in the waters of the Mediterranean or in the famines in Africa and Asia” she insisted.

 As highlighted by the Director of Youth of the Basque Government, “this Monday, May 9, Europe Day, constitutes a referential date to promote and motivate listening to the opinions and ideas expressed by the Youth, on all aspects of our lives; very especially with regard to the Future of Euskadi and Europe”.

 “This European Year of Youth has to offer answers and solutions to the youthful voices that these last two years have given up so many things for others. Those of you who participate in the Euskadi Youth Council are checking it out: we are already doing it. However, you still have a lot to say. There is a lot to hear”, added Llano.

 The director recalled the high degree of confidence of the youth of the Basque Country -68%- in the European Union, in its institutions and in its activity. “This percentage of young people who trust the EU is higher than the general average of the Basque population (59%) since youth between 18 and 29 years of age is the age group that shows the greatest trust in Europe. Although they are already good data, a greater participation of the youth will make these positive figures much better”.

 The director has indicated that her goal "is the integration of young people and their priorities in decision-making processes, as well as the organization of more activities and programs focused on youth."

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  • Maialen Olabe, Itsaso Erroteta, Inés Ibáñez de Maeztu, Marie Gehrig, Mikel Marlaska, Andrea Esteve