Quality, respectful and sustainable premium tourism will be the core of the new Euskadi Basque Country Confidential brand

2022 April 27

The Department of Tourism, Trade and Consumer Affairs launches a new premium tourism brand with singular and unique experiences in which 85 local companies and businesses are participating so far.

Boutique hotels, starred restaurants, Made in Euskadi design, agencies or personalized experiences are available within the Euskadi Confidential catalog.
The Minister of Tourism, Trade and Consumer Affairs, Javier Hurtado, accompanied by the director of Basquetour, Daniel Solana, today presented the brand "Euskadi Basque Country Confidential" the new premium product born from the premise that the real wealth is in the experience.

Euskadi Confidential brings together a selection of high standard tourist services to design a unique and non-transferable experience to the taste of the traveler, in which 85 tourist companies, accommodations, businesses and restaurants are participating so far, but which is open to new incorporations.

The Minister pointed out that "the Basque Country is in an important position as a premium destination because it meets the main motivations of this type of traveler. First, the reputation of the destination. According to the Ibiltur leisure study, 90% of visitors rate their stay in the Basque Country very positively and for almost 40% it exceeds their expectations. The recommendation rate is almost 100%, and the loyalty rate is high".

Likewise, the Minister recalled, Euskadi fulfills another vital motivation for the premium tourist, which is the excellent cultural and gastronomic offer. "Our internationally recognized gastronomy and the diversity of an offer that allows us to adapt to all motivations are key to attracting a tourist who, in addition, comes from a wide range of

tourists who, in addition, come mostly from some of our main source markets: the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and France".

Finally, the Minister insisted that we have "trained and experienced professionals, a competitive and innovative sector and quality services that can offer exclusive and personalized experiences".

"In addition, the type of travelers who seek these quality experiences contribute in a very direct way to tourism sustainability. First, because it is a tourist sensitive to respectful travel, who moves away from the most visited spots in search of less frequented spaces. A tourist who travels throughout the year, helping in the deseasonalization. They want to carry out diverse and different activities that bring them closer to the local culture. In short, a tourist who brings added value to the development of the territory", he concluded.


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