The “Auzolandegiak” program (Youth Volunteer Camps) expands its offer: from 14 to 30 years of age

2022 April 6


  • The Youth Directorate of the Basque Government is organizing 12 camps with 295 places in Euskadi this summer, both in Basque and Spanish, as well as in English.
  • Two of the fields will be for minors (14-17 years old); in most fields in Euskadi (Basque Country, original language) there will be places for people with functional diversity
  • The youngest will also have the opportunity to participate in an Auzolandegi in Navarra/Nafarroa, within the framework of the Eurorégion: twenty-five additional places
  • The Auzolandegi of the Basque Autonomous Community will held between July and August, in Maeztu, Laudio, Sopuerta, Gorliz, Lekeitio, Murueta, Bilbao, Muxika, Alonsotegi, Erandio, Lemoa and Bergara.
  • Pre-registration from April 1 to 26
  • Minister Artolazabal: “We introduced new initiatives for the youth group: Development Cooperation Awards; discussions on the challenges of climate change; need for new spaces for the meeting of young and old and promotion of emancipation”.


Gorliz, Biscay, 06 04 2022

The Auzolandegiak / Camps for Youth Volunteering program, of the Youth Directorate of the Department of Equality, Justice and Social Policies of the Basque Government encourages young people from different backgrounds to participate voluntarily and selflessly in the development of social projection work for 15 days.


This year 2022, the Youth Directorate has organized 12 Volunteer Camps in the Basque Country, two of them exclusively for minors between the ages of 14 and 17: in Gorliz, with the collaboration of the Territorial Council of Bizkaia, and Maeztu. Two other fields will be international -Muxika and Murueta-, where young people from Euskadi and other countries will participate. In the rest of the fields, young people from the basque Country and other Communities will participate. In addition to the vacancies in the Basque Country, vacancies in other regions and countries will also offered. People over 18 years old, up to 30 -depending on the rules of each field- will be able to participate in them.


Another novelty of the Auzolandegiak program is the realization of the first volunteer camp within the framework of the New Aquitaine-Euskadi-Navarra Euroregion (NAEN). 25 young people from the three regions will participate in a volunteer camp that will take place in Lekaroz, Navarra, at the beginning of August.


Youth Initiatives


Mrs. Beatriz Artolazabal, Minister of Equality, Justice and Social Policies of the Basque Government, has highlighted that "coinciding with the celebration in 2022 of the European Year of Youth, we are introducing other new activities aimed at the youth group: a few days ago we delivered the new Awards Development Cooperation of the Basque Government "Erronkaren Globalen Aurrean, Gazteak Martxan" in Olabeaga. These weeks dozens of young people debate, in a series organized by the Basque Government with the collaboration of the Euskadi Youth Council – EGK, on the challenges of climate change”.


“Furthermore –adds Beatriz Artolazabal- we have transferred the need to create new spaces for the meeting of young and old, representing all the Autonomous Communities, to the Council of Ministers of the European Union in Brussels. We are working on programs to promote emancipation; and we extended the age of participation for minors from 14 years old in three Auzolandegiak in Baztan Valley, Maestu and here, in Gorliz. These two camps for minors will be a pilot program”


The pre-registration period for the Auzolandegiak, or Youth Volunteer Camps of the Basque Government, will be open from April 1 to 26 and the draw for the selection of destinations will take place on the 27th. The publication of the registration shifts will be it will take place, approximately, on May 2 and the registration/selection of places will take place from May 5.


This year, once again, the pre-registration and registration process will be carried out electronically, which is why, from the Youth Directorate, it is recommended that you obtain the BakQ card (or any other means of electronic identification) to carry out the entire process. The entire process can carried out through the website


In total, the Basque Country this year organizes fields with 295 places and minors (between 14 and 17 years old) and adults (18-26 years old; or 18-30 for people with functional diversity) can participate. The fields will held in municipalities of the three territories: Maestu, Laudio, Sopuerta, Gorliz, Lekeitio, Murueta, Bilbao, Muxika, Alonsotegi, Erandio, Lemoa and Bergara. In addition, to these places added those of the Lekarotz-Baztan Auzolandegi, organized by the “Euroregión” (Nouvelle Aquitaine/Navarra-Nafarroa/Euskadi-Basque Country).


Regarding the state and international fields, the Youth Directorate is currently working on the exchange of places with other Communities and INJUVE. All the information with the updated fields will be available at



According to Mrs. Agurtzane Llano, Director of Youth for the Basque Government, "each of the twelve Auzolandegiak to be held in the Basque Country has a specific theme to which the young people registered will dedicate their two-week stay: Archelogy and recovery of industrial heritage, Recovery of historical heritage and the environment, social revitalization of the elderly, historical memory, etc. Normally, during the mornings, the thematic tasks of the volunteer field carried out and the afternoons and weekends dedicated to complementary activities. The entertainment team will propose activities that enable the relationship between all the participants and the community that hosts the camp. Recreational, cultural and sports activities will also carried out”.

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