Basque Youth Observatory: 86.8% of youth in the Basque Country are interested in the war in Ukraine

2022 March 31
  • Opinion survey carried out in March among 4,000 young people in the Basque Country
  • 34.9% of Basque youth have donated money, clothing, food or medicine for Ukraine
  • The majority (58.1%) believe that the European Union "is acting well in some aspects and badly in others"
  • 67.4% agree with the imposition of economic and financial sanctions on Russia; 12.1% disagree and 20.5% do not know or do not answer

 Vitoria-Gasteiz, 2022 03 31

The Basque Youth Observatory, of the Department of Equality, Justice and Social Policies of the Basque Government, carried out a survey on the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops: in which it is highlighted that "the youth of The Basque Country is interested in the subject of the war by 86.8% and follows the news on the evolution of the conflict daily, or almost daily (61.2%).

 Television is the main medium for information on this subject -78.0%-, followed by the press 51.2%, Twitter 40.1% and Instagram 40.0%. In addition, the majority of young people compare the news they receive on social networks on this subject: 28.1% always and another 53.3% sometimes.

 34.9% of Basque youth have donated money, clothing, food or medicine to help refugees fleeing Ukraine; 17.1% have signed some petition for the end of the war and respect for human rights and 9.9% have participated in demonstrations or mobilizations against the war.   In addition, 20.1% know of the email  that the Basque Government has enabled so that anyone who wants to help Ukrainian refugees can sign up.

 The role of the European Union

As for the assessment of the European Union's actions in this war, the majority of Basque youth (58.1%) believe that "it is acting well in some aspects and badly in others" and the average grade it gives to the EU in managing this conflict is 4.4 out of 10. Specifically, 72.3% of the youth of the Basque Country agree with granting special refugee status to those who flee from Ukraine to the EU; 67.4% are in favour of imposing economic and financial sanctions on Russia and 59.4% agree with the closure of European airspace to Russian airlines.

 In the case of financing the purchase and delivery of weapons to Ukraine, the opinions of Basque Youth are divided: 31% agree, another 36% disagree and the remaining 33% do not know or do not answer. Lastly, young people do not have a majority opinion as to whether this conflict is going to unite the European Union more: 35.7% think so, another 35.3% think not and the remaining 28.9% do not know or do not answer.

 Study methodology

The universe of the survey is the Basque Youth from 15 to 30 years old. The Basque Observatory has carried out an online survey of 4,046 young people, between March 11 and 15, 2022. The sampling error is +- 1.5% (with a confidence level of 95.5% and p=q=0, fifty).

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