The Basque Government and Non-Governmental Organizations for Development select 83 young people who will carry out cooperation tasks in Africa and America in the summer

2022 March 27
  • Training and guidance weekend in Barria
  • 79.50% of women (66) and 20.50% of men (17)

BARRIA, Araba-Álava, (Basque Country) 2022 03 27

The Directorates for Youth and Cooperation for Development of the Department of Equality, Justice and Social Policies of the Basque Government and fourteen Non-Governmental Organizations for Development-NGDOs have selected 83 young people. They will carry out cooperation tasks in 31 projects developments -in the next summer- in Africa and America.

Throughout this weekend the group of selected young people has known, in Barria, Álava-Araba, their summer destinations in which, over two months, they will participate with the native populations in educational tasks, construction of new infrastructures hydraulic and road, health care, agricultural livestock and care, among others. The Director of Youth of the Basque Government, Mrs Agurtzane Llano, and the Director of eLankidetza-Development Cooperation Basque Agency, Paul Ortega, attended the sessions.

Selected from 409 applicants, of the 83 young people (79.50% women (66) and 20.50% men (17), 25 of them come from Gipuzkoa 25 (2 men and 23 women); from Bizkaia: 72 (12 men and 60 women) and Araba-Álava 22 (7 men and 15 women). All of them have met over the weekend with the heads of the fourteen NGDOs who have explained to them the tasks they will carry out in their summer destinations. 31 social projects located in Peru, Honduras, Mexico, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Rwanda and Uganda.

"The chosen profiles are of all kinds: educators, teachers, sports specialists, health workers, agronomists, environmental sciences, music, social work, psychology, English and science teachers, to name a few" details Agurtzane Llano.

The heads of the NGDOs have detailed to the group of aid workers the tasks that they will carry out in the destination countries, commenting on various singularities supported by videos, such as, for example, "Naara" by the Manuel Iradier Africanist Association, group work to find out their expectations, various issues related to gender and development -Idily Mérida- and several short and long-term experiences.

“We have carried out various works in groups and the possible concern of each one has been analyzed and responded to when knowing their destiny and what the families will say when they are far away. It goes without saying that, in addition to travel insurance, they have direct support from their NGDOs” indicate Agurtzane Llano and Paul Ortega. Various health advice for international travel have also transferred to the new young Cooperators and direct contacts have established with the NGDOs responsible for each project.

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