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Basque Minister Arriola travels to Qatar in order to continue with the institutional mission initiated by the Lehendakari

2011 October 3

Spearheading a business delegation

The Minister for Housing, Public Works and Transport, Iñaki Arriola, has travelled to Qatar to continue the institutional and business mission initiated in January by the Lehendakari, Patxi López, where the objective was to maintain economic and business contacts and hold meetings at the highest level with the governmental heads of this country.

The institutional and business delegation headed by Arriola includes, amongst others, the Vice-Minister for Housing, Maripaz Larrumbide, and the heads of the new Basque business consortium B3i, made up of various business clusters, such as the construction cluster, Eraikune, the electronics cluster, GAIA and several companies in sectors with interests in these relations: IKUSI, AH, JEMA, ORMAZABAL and IBERMATICA.

The business project, entirely made up of Basque companies, hopes to make ground in this country and offer a global solution to Qatar's needs, through knowledge, efficiency and experience in sustainable development. The trip will draw to a close on Thursday the 6th and intends to consolidate the relations established with Qatar at the start of the year, given the magnitude, importance and growth possibilities of this market.

The Minister will present the Basque Country and the capacity and possibilities offered by its business fabric before economic, energy-based, technological, environmental, cultural and tourism orientated sectors within the country. The aim is to open up new markets for Basque companies and attempt to ensure than full advantage is taken of the business opportunities that this region undoubtedly affords, given its investment capacity and strategic geographical location.

Today, the delegation held a meeting with QATARIDIAR LUSAIL, a construction company owned by the Qatari government, founded 20 years ago and charged with the task of developing the City of Lusail, an emblematic city of the 21st Century that will represent the cultural and geographical Heritage of Qatar and the Gulf region.


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