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The Hospital de Cruces incorporates five electric vehicles

2011 September 24

The incorporation of the vehicles provides impetus to the health centre's commitment to energy efficiency and environmental conservation.

The hospital boasts four new electric cars and an electric van, which substitute their diesel counterparts. The vehicles have a range of 130 km. Each possesses its corresponding charger. The cars are destined to provide services for the health personnel charged with affording Home Hospitalisation, whilst the van will be employed for transportation purposes. electric vehicle that was employed in a pilot study is now joined by a further four new Peugeot ION cars, and a VITO model E-CELL van. The new vehicles have a range of 130 kilometres and a maximum speed of 150 km/h. The six electric vehicles, each boasting its corresponding charger, will be charged at night when the rates are lower, a process that lasts for six to twelve hours.

The incorporation of the electric vehicles occurs within the framework of the agreement for energy improvement, signed by the Managing Director, Gregorio Achutegui, with EVE, entailing a commitment to analyse energy consumption and the costs of energy derived from electricity, natural gas and other sources. Furthermore, the opportunities to improve the efficiency of energy consumption and energy savings will be identified and the implementation and use of renewable energy sources will be promoted.

Whilst the van will be employed for transportation purposes, the cars will be assigned to the Home Hospital service. Healthcare personnel will employ the cars to travel to patients' homes. In 2010, Home Hospitalisation carried out 20,500 visits to homes, amounting to a total of almost 250,000 kilometres travelled.


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    Vía @irekia Osakidetza responsable con el medio ambiente

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    RT @Irekia_News: El Hospital de Cruces incorpora cinco vehículos eléctricos.

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    El Hospital de Cruces incorpora cinco vehiculos electricos

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