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The United Kingdom takes an interest in the training model offered by Lanbide

2011 September 20

The Minister for Employment and Social Affairs, Gemma Zabeleta, explains the new features afforded by Lanbide within the context of a United Kingdom-Spain seminar on the job market

Tomorrow, the Minister for Employment and Social Affairs, Gemma Zabeleta, will participate in the bilateral United Kingdom-Spain seminar focusing on the job market and new training and placement models. The United Kingdom has shown interest in modus operandi of the Lanbide Basque Employment Service and the new features it incorporates in terms of training and advice. Therefore, the Minister for Employment has been invited to explain the various unique features of Lanbide.

The seminar, set to take place in the British embassy in Madrid, is divided into two sections. In the first section, the new features of the job market will be analysed from a British perspective, whilst the second section will focus on the same subject matter from a Spanish perspective. During her address, the Minister will set out the characteristics of Lanbide, wherein trade unions, Confebask and the regional administration enjoy equal representation in the Board of Directors. Lanbide's service model is grounded on three principles:

  • Joint responsibility: placing the toolbox (guidance, mediation, training, benefit, sheltered employment...) at the disposal of active individuals and companies.
  • The relationship between active policies and passive policies and benefits. Linking the payment of Income Support to the work activation of those receiving this benefit.
  • Personalised attention for individuals and companies.

One of the hallmarks of Lanbide is its advice system, entailing a model grounded on close contact and personalised attention. Thus, the number of advisors have risen from 70 to 245 (115 are distributed amongst the 53 accredited collaborating centres).

The advice service will produce an individualised employability profile for the 62,000 jobseekers by April 2012, representing a minimum of 367,500 hours of professional personal attention.

Training is the other essential tool in terms of the activation of individuals. The Basque Government's commitment to training entails a joint effort, now put into practice between the Department for Employment and the Department for Education, for the integration of the three systems of professional training (formal training, occupational training and continuous training); a commitment to investment in formal certifiable training (certificates of professionalism) and informal training (new uncertified occupations and training for people with special needs).

Investment in training in Lanbide in 2011 can be broken down as follows:

  • 50.3 million euros aimed primarily at the unemployed (approximately 20,000 people)
  • 28 million euros in continuous training for the actively employed.


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