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The Basque Country presents its plan for energy saving in public buildings in New York

2011 September 20

The Vice-Minister for Industry and Energy, Xabier Garmendia, numbered amongst the experts invited to the Climate Week, where he explained the pilot study to reduce energy consumption by 20% in 100 public buildings in the Basque Country

The events are organised by The Climate Group, an association that the Lehendakari will preside from this year onwards.

In New York, the Basque Government's Vice-Minister for Industry and Energy, Xabier Garmendia, explained the Basque policy to promote energy saving in public buildings. Invited as an expert within the Climate Week celebrated in the North American city, Garmendia set out the Executive's commitment to intensify energy efficiency in all sectors, with more efficient industry, low-consumption buildings, low-emission vehicles and smart networks.

During his address, the Vice-Minister focused on actions in residential properties and explained the Government's plan to reduce energy consumption by 20% in 100 public buildings by 2020.

Garmendia commented that in new urban developments in the Basque Country there are plans (already applied in specific cases in Bilbao and Leioa) to implement measures such as centralised heating systems or air conditioning, referred to as district heating.
The Vice-Minister participated in one of the most important events of the year that brings together experts in sustainability. The aim of this event, which is being held in New York for the third time, is to articulate the international response to climate change at private and public levels.

Along with Xabier Garmendia, the conference included the participation of Rohit Aggarwala, special advisor to Group C40, the 'Cities Climate Leadership Group'; Vishaan Chakrabarti, Head of Colombia University's Real Estate Development; Theddi Chappell, representative of Cushman & Wakefield; Kenneth W. Hubbard, executive vice president at Hines; Ronald Herbst, Head of Energy Management and Engineering in Deutsche Bank; Nico Kienzl, director of Atelier Ten; Susan Leeds, chief executive officer of the New York City Energy Efficiency Corporation; and David Miller, the former mayor of Toronto. Clay Nesler, vice president of Global Energy and Sustainability for Johnson Controls, acted as moderator.

Climate Week brings together hundreds of specialists in climate change. The Vice-Minister's invitation to the event represents recognition for the efforts of the Basque Government in sustainability. Last year, Minister Bernabé Unda was invited by the organisers to present the advances made in the Basque Country in terms of the introduction of electric vehicles and smart networks.
The Basque Government is adopting a leading position in the promotion of clean policies and sustainability. As a consequence of the international recognition in these areas, the Lehendakari, Patxi López, will accept the invitation to jointly preside The Climate Group in Europe, an organisation that brings together the 80 largest companies at global level and regional and local governments to take a leading role in the fight against climate change.

The Climate Group (TCG) is an independent non-profit organisation that was established in 2004, operating at international level in collaboration with governments and leaders within the business sector. Its objective is to promote and make advances in policies and technologies that contribute to the reduction of emissions at global level and accelerate the advent of a "clean industrial revolution" that creates economic growth and employment whilst guaranteeing a cleaner, more prosperous and better future for everyone.

The Climate Group is established and possesses offices in Europe, North America, Australia, China, Hong Kong and India. Since 2010, the coalition has included the world's 80 largest companies and sub-national governments. Collectively, the members account for 15% of global GDP.

Vitoria-Gasteiz, 20th of September 2011

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