Lehendakari (the Basque President) Iñigo Urkullu highlights the "transformative ambition of the Youth Strategy 2030" and encourages young people to participate in the transformation of society

2021 November 26
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  • Participated in the act of the 35th anniversary of the Basque Youth Council together with Minister Mrs Beatriz Artolazabal and the president of EGK Mrs Maialen Olabe
  • Share “the long-awaited opportunity” Euskadi Youth Law in which EGK has played an active role

Bilbao 2021 11 26

The Lehendakari (basque president) Iñigo Urkullu considers that the Basque Government's 2030 Youth Strategy observes a positive “transformative ambition” and has encouraged those who make up the Euskadi Youth Council-EGK to “participate in society, in its transformation and in the redefinition of the rules of the game, according to your values. It is an aspiration of the youth that you must maintain and promote”.

Together with Beatriz Artolazabal, Minister for Equality, Justice and Social Policies, the President of EGK, Maialen Olabe, and various components of the Basque Parliament, Provincial Councils, city councils and youth organizations, Urkullu has intervened in the Yimby Social Space in Bilbao in the act of 35 EGK anniversary. At the meeting of the Basque Youth Council, the evolution of the Council, which brings together 60 youth organizations, was recalled.

“The new Youth Strategy 2030 is a commitment for a generation, in favour of the inclusion and full social participation of youth; in favour of the new policies that we undertake to promote within the framework of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals with the direct participation of youth ”, said the basque President.

According to Mr Iñigo Urkullu, “our north is to promote the social contribution of all generations and promote solidarity between them. I share the “opportunity” of the first Euskadi Youth Law”.

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Politicians attending the event
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  • Maialen Olabe