Food 4 Future Expo Foodtech prepares its second edition for more than 6,000 Food Tech industry leaders in the Basque Country

2021 November 18

Food 4 Future will return to Bilbao’s BEC from May 17th-19th to map the future of the agri-food industry, which must feed more than 7.9 billion people with limited resources

Food 4 Future gains strength as the benchmark innovation forum in promoting knowledge transfer for agri-food industry leaders, who will also be able to generate business opportunities and find technological solutions to transform the complete value chain

Following a first edition which saw more than 5,000 agri-food industry leaders gather in a context still limited by the health crisis, Food 4 Future – Expo Foodtech prepares its second edition to run from May 17th-19th in Bilbao, where it will gather more than 6,000 agri-food industry professionals while increasing the number of international visitors thanks to the relaxation of travel restrictions worldwide. 

Food 4 Future therefore gains strength as the international benchmark forum for the agri-food industry and its ancillary industry (machinery companies, chemical industry, biotechnology, research, etc.), leading, under three strategic lines – sustainability, innovation and technology – innovation of the industry in all its segments: meat, beverage, fisheries, dairy, fruit & vegetables, cereal, preserves, and oil.

From the economy to society: Food 4 Future addresses the challenges facing the agri-food industry in order to meet the needs of the global population, and its commitment to application of the SDGs

The food industry represents 11% of the world GDP, with an expected rise in demand of 70% from now until 2025. Furthermore, it is estimated that digital transformation of the industry throughout Europe will generate an impact of more than €300 billion between 2021 and 2025. In Spain, the food industry moves more than €130 billion, which translates into 22.1% of national employment and 19% of the GDP.

The biggest challenge currently facing the agri-food industry is that of feeding more than 7.9 billion people; a challenge which is set to become even more complicated given the growth forecast announced by the UN, according to which the world population will reach 9 billion by 2050, and approximately 11 billion by the end of the century. In addition to this, the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), confirms that a third of farmland is degraded and that 22% of livestock breeds are at risk of extinction. Here we must also add the figures of those faced with problems of malnutrition and undernutrition, on the increase since the 2020 health crisis.

The reading of this reality is clear: it is essential to reformulate today’s business models in order to take a different approach to feeding the world population. The challenges raised by this situation, the formulas and projects now being set in motion, and the solutions currently being researched all over the globe will be present at Food 4 Future so that the agri-food industry leaders, who have the task of feeding us, can find the technological solutions and knowledge necessary to map out a fairer and more sustainable path.

Automation and robotics, industry 4.0, and healthy and sustainable food

Food 4 Future is working on a second edition packed with content, success stories and new features attended by representatives of more than 250 brands, major companies, SMEs and start-ups in an exhibition area where professionals will find technological solutions and food products to help modernise and digitally transform the whole industry value chain, from raw material to logistics processes.  

The congress will also congregate more than 350 speakers in vertical forums and sessions for each of the agri-food industry sectors, geared towards discussion on the major challenges facing the industry, and with special emphasis on: the application of automation and robotics, transition to the new industry 4.0, and content related to healthy and sustainable food.

Institutional backing and strategic partners: Food 4 Future gains strength as a discussion forum

Food 4 Future is a congress organised by the company NEBEXT and the AZTI technology centre. It has been backed since its first edition by the Basque Government through HAZI, which seeks to lead the way in the Food Tech industry PERTE (Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and Transformation) nationwide and to turn the Basque Country into the industry’s global reference; it also has the support of Bilbao City Council, which is committed to developing the city as a capital for the food industry, and sees in Food 4 Future an opportunity to consolidate Bilbao as the world foodtech capital. ICEX and the MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food) also support the event in order to continue developing the Spain FoodTech Nation brand at international level.

Other strategic organisations such as NEIKER, ELIKA, EIT Food, ILSI Europe, Food for Life, SPRI, Eatable Adventures, Santelmo Business School and IASP (International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation) have also reiterated their support of this meeting, a fundamental event for reinventing the industry.

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