The bases for the selection of projects and inscriptions in “Auzolandegiak” and “International Youth Cooperation” for the summer of 2022 will published, in December, in the Official Gazette of the Basque Country

2021 November 21
  • After a year of inactivity due to covid 19
  • The municipalities of the Autonomous Community will present projects of youth activities for 2022
  • The NGDOs and the Department of Equality, Justice and Social Policies will select, in the Barria shelter, 100 international aid workers


Vitoria-Gasteiz, 2021 XI 21

Over the next few weeks, the Official Gazette of the Basque Country will publish the Orders that regulate the selection of projects from the Auzolandegiak program or Youth Activity Camps and from Euskadiko Gazteak Lankidetzan or International Cooperation Projects for the summer of 2022.

 Organized by the Youth Directorate of the Department of Equality, Justice and Social Policies of the Basque Government, the selection of projects will take place between the end of January and the beginning of February and the referral to the INJUVE, Institute of Youth, of the international fields will made in February. The exchange of places with other Autonomous Communities will take place in March.

 For communication purposes, the Youth Directorate of the Basque Government will send a letter to all city councils inviting them to present a project in which the various youth groups can carry out their summer activities: recovery of green spaces, historical and architectural collaborations, restoration of roads greens etc. The municipalities will have informative leaflets with the most relevant information about the call.

 According to Agurtzane Llano, Director of Youth of the Basque Government, “regarding the Auzolandegiak, the Order that regulates the call for young people will have its pre-selection phase from March to April, the draw to establish the order of selection will be held in April, the selection phase will be in May and the repackage between May and June”.

 The pre-selection phase, so that interested young people can register, will announced, especially through social networks and with posters in educational centres and libraries. During the repackage phase, it will also disseminate information on social networks.

 International cooperation

Regarding the phases of the Euskadiko Gazteak Lankidetzan program, of International Youth Cooperation, the Order that regulates the presentation of projects will published in December and the NGDOs have until February 4 to present their projects. In mid-February, a decision will made on its suitability.

 As for the Order that regulates the presentation of young people, it will also published in December with a deadline for registrations until February 14. The pre-selection phase will take place between February and March. Young people will selected depending on their Curriculum vitae (studies, concerns, work, and courses), depending on the type of project presented by the NGDOs.

 “The selection phase will take place, as usual, at the Alava shelter in Barria, predictably between the 11th and 13th of March. A maximum of 200 young people will go to Barria during that weekend. The selection committee, made up of representatives of Development Cooperation, Youth and NGDOs, will choose the 100 girls and boys who will attend the international projects”, explains Agurtzane Llano.

 In March, the training phase will also take place in Barria, expected to take place on March 26 and 27. The selected people will come that weekend to train, become aware and learn about the assigned destination. A few days before departure, at the headquarters of the Basque Government in Lakua, they will receive the tickets and documentation for their destinations in the international stays that extend from July to September.

 At the end of September or the beginning of October, again at the Barria shelter, an evaluation phase will take place during a weekend in which cooperating girls and boys will narrate experiences and present ideas and impressions.


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