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Twelve Basque designers exhibit their creations paying homage to Cristóbal Balenciaga in the “Euskadi sabe a moda” exhibition

2011 September 16

The Alhóndiga is hosting an exhibition of 12 unique creations by Basque designers that will remain on display until the 30th of September.

Pilar Zorrilla, the Vice-Minister of Commerce and Tourism, along with the Director of Trade, Maite Valmaseda, and Director of Tourism, Isabel Muela, accompanied the designers on a visit that marked the official opening of the exhibition.

The designers participating in the exhibition are as follows: Miriam Ocáriz, Isabel Zapardiez, Alicia Rueda, Miguel Palacio, María Cle, Modesto Lomba, Lemoniez, Minimil, Ion Fiz, Mercedes de Miguel, Ian Mosh and Jota + Ge.

The Alhóndiga in Bilbao opened its doors today and welcomed visitors to the "Euskadi Sabe a Moda" exhibition, which has been organised in honour of master designer Cristóbal Balenciaga and includes examples of the work of 12 leading designers. Pilar Zorrilla, the Vice-Minister of Commerce and Tourism, along with the Director of Trade, Maite Valmaseda, and the Director of Tourism, Isabel Muela, visited the exhibition in the company of a group of participating designers.

The Basque Country has always been a region noted for its talent and creativity, and Basque fashion is one of the ways in which these qualities manifest themselves. As Cristóbal Balenciaga was responsible for placing the region under the international spotlight in the fashion world and for giving it a global profile, this exhibition was organised both to pay homage to the master designer and to show off the Basque Country's multitude of tourist attractions.

Visitors to the exhibition will see how the creations on display are inspired by the Basque Country and, most importantly, respect the values espoused by Balenciaga. The shape of their designs hint at some of the region's unique features, such as Bilbao's characteristic flagstones, the waves of the Basque coast and the colours of Rioja Alavesa.

The Department of Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism has financed and promoted this initiative to draw attention to the quality of the Basque fashion industry. The Basque Country is a land of creators, and projects such as this, which combines a presentation of the region as a tourist destination with an exhibition of the capabilities of its fashion designers, serve to attract and develop new Basque talent.
The first eight designs in the collection were presented in Munich and Frankfurt in June of this year, with a further four being added to make up the 12 designs that are currently on display at the Alhóndiga. The exhibition will travel to the United States in October as part of a business mission led by the Lehendakari. The Basque Government's objective is to take advantage of the region's varied attractions and make trade and tourism a driving force of the Basque economy with international scope, as set out in the 2010-2013 Competitiveness Plan.

Bilbao, September the 16th 2011

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    Expo "Euskadi sabe a #moda". Hasta el 30 de Septiembre. La Alhóndiga. Bilbao. #fashion #euskadi #balenciaga

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    Milesker! RT @irekia_news: 12 euskal diseinatzailek beren lanak erakutsiko dituzte Cristobal Balenciagaren omenezko

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