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Basque Parliament gives 2010 regional budget green light, with just 6 dissenting votes

2009 December 23

López Governments first anti-crisis budget

The Basque Parliament approved the regional government budget for 2010 with opposing votes from minority nationalist groups Aralar, EB and EA. More than 60 per cent of the 10,315 million total is to go to the Healthcare and Education Departments.

With 38 votes in favour (from the socialists and the Spanish conservative party PP) six against and the abstention of 31 members, 30 from leading Basque nationalist party the PNV and one from newly-founded independent socialist party UPyD, the Basque Parliament yesterday gave the 2010 budget the green light. This is the budget with least Parliamentary opposition ever and will give the regional government the authorization it needs to manage €10,315 million, of which more than 60 per cent will be assigned to Health and Education.

Badly affected by the current economic crisis, this, president López's first budget, is 1.6 per cent lower than the one presented last year by the previous Basque regional government. The budget is down because, like just about everywhere else, public authority revenues are down owing to the ongoing worldwide economic crisis. Even so, the Vitoria-based government has €10,315 million available to tackle the effects of the crisis, create jobs and attend to the needs of underprivileged. Indeed, the social nature of the budget is clear from the concentration on Health and Education, which account for more than 60 per cent of the total budget.


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