Tapia highlights the response of Basque companies to R&D support during her presentation of the Smart Comfort Platform 4.0

2021 July 23

Today, when presenting the Smart Comfort Platform 4.0, the minister Arantxa Tapia highlighted the response of Basque companies to programmes such as HAZITEK, and their commitment to R&D despite situations as complicated as the one generated by Covid 19.

This R&D programme has taken three years of work and is co-funded by the Basque Government (Hazitek programme), Álava Provincial Council (Álava Innova programme) and the FEDER funds. Some ten companies connected to the Basque automotive industry have contributed innovative materials and smart equipment to two models produced by Mercedes (Clase V and Sprinter). The consortium has the participation of Ekide Group, Obekinematics powered by Hettich, Industrias Químicas Irurena, Maier, Optimus 3D, Rotobasque and Segula Technologies, as well as the Cidetec and Vicomtech technology centres and the collaboration of Adigest-Incotec.

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