The Open Forum closes the co-design process of the 2021-2024 Plan of OGP Euskadi

2021 July 14

The process began in July 2020 with the dissemination of an open form to collect the citizen priorities that would guide the action lines of the new Action Plan. 175 completed forms were collected.


On these priorities, and after an analysis of their viability, their scope and possibility of impact, the institutional availability to lead them, their transfer capacity and their link with public policies in which different institutional levels and public sector actors and citizens intervene, emerged 5 possible lines of action, which were submitted for consideration by the Regular Forum, a multi-stakeholder forum made up of the majority representation of civil society and Basque public administrations.


Once the institutional leadership was identified for each of them, the scope, expected products, and milestones in their implementation were specified and determined in participatory groups with a citizen, expert and institutional vision, as well as through the OGP Euskadi website.


This co-design of each commitment was contrasted again in the Regular Forum, last June 30th, and finally in the Open Forum that we have just held, and which was attended by 33 people in person (61% from organized and not organized citizens and 39% of the autonomous, provincial and local administrations of the Basque Country), 51 people through the online session and 167 through the Irekia platform.


In the next few days, the 2021-2024 Plan of OGP Euskadi will be presented to the International Open Government Alliance with the following 5 commitments:


1.- COVID19 data observatory in the city and adaptation of services to the needs of citizens.


2.- Transparency and accountability (social audit, budget transparency ...)


3.- Development of Open Eskola content (Education in integrity, citizen empowerment, digital divide and active citizenship ...)


4.- Development of a tool for collecting popular Legislative / Normative / Regulatory Initiatives that can be used by all Basque institutions (Basque Parliament, General Meetings or regional, provincial or local executives)


5.- Online service and blended pilot offices for information, guidance and intermediation and support for vital projects of the elderly designed from open government parameters.


All the information is published on the OGP Euskadi website, and until July 18 the deadline is open for contributions to the content of these 5 commitments, as well as to the strategic vision of the Plan.

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