Ihobe and the Aclima environment cluster to identify green employment needs in the Basque Country

2021 May 6

Public company Ihobe and the Cluster Association of Environmental Industries of Euskadi, Aclima have signed a collaboration agreement to position the Basque environmental sector as a strategic sector for the ecological transition of the other economic sectors.

This morning, Ihobe CEO Alexander Boto and Aclima President Xabier Caño signed a framework agreement under which both organisations will work together to implement environmental strategies that will help to achieve the objectives of the European Green Deal. The commitment applies to 2021 but may be extended until 2024.

This close collaboration between Ihobe and Aclima will be useful for detecting opportunities to create green jobs, the identifying new professional profiles, and the digitisation drive linked to the environmental sector.

Among the commitments made, they have agreed to draw up an operational work plan to help the environmental sector of the Basque Country to implement the measures to comply with the targets in the Waste Prevention and Management Plan 2030.

In terms of green employment, they will create an inter-cluster working group to identify environmental qualification needs and medium- and long-term professional profiles, with a view to providing suitable training. Initially this work will focus on the environment, energy and construction sectors because of their enormous potential.

Under the agreement signed this morning in Bilbao, Ihobe and Aclima will drive the digitisation of the environmental sector and environmental management in the Basque Country to achieve the objectives set in the European Union’s Green Deal.  They will also organise seminars and meetings to raise awareness of the environmental instruments which make up Basque and European environmental policy, as well as aspects of the circular economy and climate change that have a direct impact on business competitiveness.


IHOBE, is the public environmental management company of the Basque Government's Department of Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment, and supports the Basque Government to develop environmental policy and promote a culture of environmental sustainability in the Basque Autonomous Community.

ACLIMA, Basque Environment Cluster works to improve the competitiveness of the environmental industries, foster collaboration among the sector's agents, encouraging new local and international business opportunities, and driving innovation in environmental matters, all in a context of public-private collaboration.

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