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The first edition of DANTZA MUNDUAN begins its activity in collaboration with the on-line dance school of AIKO TALDEA

2020 November 26
  • The Basque Government and the group of musicians and dance teachers AIKO Taldea have reached an agreement to offer the Diaspora dance training on the Internet with

The launch of the "DANTZA MUNDUAN" program answers the request made by the Basque Clubs to the Basque Government during the VII World Congress of Basque Communities Abroad, held in Bilbao in October 2019. The Covid-19 pandemic has also accelerated the need to promote this type of training on the Internet.

The initiative is the first digital platform of traditional Basque dance. Implemented by AIKO Taldea, allows you to learn to dance from any device with internet access, choosing the time to follow the classes and from anywhere in the world.

The Basque Government's Office for the Basque Community Abroad, through this "DANTZA MUNDUAN" program, offers the possibility of following these on-line classes at no cost to people who are part of the Basque Community abroad, with the aim of teaching and making Dantza accessible to Basques living abroad. The registration will be done through the Basque Clubs and the deadline for registration is December 13th.

AIKO Dantza Eskola Digitala is aimed at all Basque dance enthusiasts, with weekly live classes, which will also be recorded as tutorials and can be followed from any place at any time. The classes, like the platform, are held in three languages: Basque (Thursday), Spanish and English (Sunday).

In addition to the live classes, the platform contains a section of dance à la carte, with all the dances step by step to complement the training. Here you can find for the first time on the Internet all the jauzis and mutildantzak, as well as a complete collection of dance steps recorded in a clear and didactic way to be able to practice, improvise and create your own choreographies.

This morning, the General Secretary of Foreign Action, Marian Elorza, and the Director for the Basque Community Abroad, Gorka Álvarez Aranburu, on behalf of the Basque Government, and Sabin Bikandi and Patxi Laborda, of Aiko Taldea, have presented this first edition of the program "DANTZA MUNDUAN" in Lehendakaritza, the Presidency of the Basque Government.

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