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The Aquitaine-Basque Country Euroregion to be made official in the summer

2011 June 6

The Lehendakari participated in the Economic Forum held in Burdeos in the French region of Aquitaine

The objective of the forum was to implement cooperation activities that will contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of the Euroregion. The European Groupings for Territorial Cooperation (EGTCs) are responsible for facilitating and promoting cross-border cooperation in order to strengthen economic and social cohesion at the heart of the European Union, with due respect for national territorial organisations.

The Basque Government is seeking to consolidate its relationship with the French region of Aquitaine, and for this reason the Aquitaine-Basque Country Euroregion EGTC was created. The EGTC now exists as a legal entity in its own right and has its headquarters in Hendaye.

Today, the Lehendakari presented a "road map" for the Euroregion that was approved last Tuesday by the Cabinet. The leader of the Basque executive also took part in the Economic Forum held today in the French town of Bordeaux, along with Alain Rousset, the President of Aquitaine.

The new EGCT will focus on developing cross-border economic, social and environmental activities through joint strategies on sustainable territorial development, and will also seek to develop and establish territorial cooperation. It will achieve this through the funding of networks and activities that favour territorial development.

The initiative aims to improve communications between the two regions, with a particular focus on accessibility and environmentally friendly modes of transport for people and freight. Other objectives include complementarity in research and innovation activities and joint exploitation of results; setting up projects that promote sustainable territorial development; adopting common methods and means for education and training in order to guarantee the full development of citizens; shared handling of issues related to agriculture, food and health; and strengthening the areas of culture and art, particularly in terms of Basque language and culture and the joint exploitation of tourist resources.

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